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Cyber Threat Monitoring

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Changing Threat Landscape

    Most enterprise organizations rely on legacy security monitoring practices, that include perimeter security and endpoint protection. But threats these days bypass traditional monitoring solutions and sneak inside the Data Center or the Cloud deployment. The Threat Landscape in this day and age has also evolved dramatically from the traditional "grab and dash" as well as mass "spray and pray" exploitation practices to more sophisticated and patient attacks that impact business operations for any enterprise organization like never before.

    The attacker after breaching the north-south traffic perimeter, conducts internal reconnaissance, gains access to the outside world using Command and Control and then executes its objective which could include stealing of valuable data or bringing down a mission critical service in a stealth manner by moving laterally within the Data Center. This makes lateral or east-west traffic monitoring for any Hybrid Enterprise, the most critical area that needs to be monitored.

Visualize Application Behavior Deviation from Corporate Security Policy

  • Identify anomalies in application behavior that may occur before, during or as a follow up after a successful attack
  • Insights into deviations such as unauthorized dependency changes, new applications/services/protocols running on the VMs, additions of unauthorized VMs or tearing down of your mission critical VMs, and others.
  • Map thousands of cyber threats directly to the anomalous behavior in application performance and dependencies to identify root-cause.

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Proactively Detect Advanced Malicious & Evasive Threats in Real-Time for Data Center and Cloud Workloads

  • Real-time Detection for thousands of Advanced and Persistent threats including Malware, Exploit Kits, Webshells, Port Scans, SMB Probes, Information Leakages, Obfuscation, OS fingerprinting, and many more. :
  • Deep Infrastructure & Application Insights into Current as well as Potential Compromised Assets.
  • Reduce Risk associated with outbound connections with immediate visibility into Traffic Exfiltration from your deployment to unauthorized or malicious locations directly on a world map.
  • Prioritize your efforts with visibility into the Top Exploited Hosts.

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Monitor Lateral Movement of Authorized and Unauthorized Traffic

  • Deep visualization of a clear indicator of a threat that is attempting to extend its reach into the network.
  • Monitor attackers pivoting between compromised hosts to bounce deeper into the network.
  • Network Traffic Insights into Network Traffic, Network Response Time, Fatal retries, Resets, Zero Window, etc.

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