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Multi-Cloud Monitoring

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The path to Multi-Cloud & Monitoring in this Next Digital Generation

    Multi-Cloud is more than a buzzword in today's transformation world. More and more Enterprise organizations are employing this multi-cloud strategy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Cost Optimization - Growing cloud bills with a particular cloud provider. Organizations may choose to leverage a different cloud provider for their development or testing short term projects, if the price point is favorable.
  • Redundancy - Backup and Disaster Recovery of mission-critical data to a different cloud provider.
  • Corp Merger and Acquisitions - Multiple Cloud Providers through mergers or acquisitions.
  • Leveraging Cloud Specialties - Take advantage of the cloud provider's unique strengths, like Microsoft SQL Server for Azure, or AI based Data Analytics for Google Cloud Platform.
  • Cloud Diversity - Not get locked-in to a single vendor due to internal policies or avoid failures with a single vendor (Public Cloud providers have outages too!)
  • Mission-critical Vs Business-critical - Organizations may separate out and keep their mission-critical workloads on-premise, while may choose to move certain business workloads to Public Cloud.
  • Privacy Laws - Organization may use the public cloud while doing business in a region where privacy laws require data to be stored locally.
  • Cloud Bursting - Leverage Public Cloud (even multiple cloud providers) to meet seasonal scalability needs.

  • As organizations are using services from multiple cloud providers, cloud management and monitoring has become a challenges. To manage this efficiently, the Cloud IT team must have a unified view for their application workloads across cloud boundaries.

Uila: Seamless Monitoring of Industry Leading Cloud Providers

    Uila's Multi-Cloud Monitoring and Analytics capabilities are independent of the Cloud Providers. Here is a list of the Cloud Providers supported by Uila:
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Oracle Cloud
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • More...

Uila: Complete view of your Multi-Cloud Deployment from a Single Console Right out-of-the-Box

  • Single console to monitor performance and resource allotments across all VMware, Microsoft Hyper-v, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud deployments.
  • See all your IT assets and dependencies, whether in public or private cloud and regardless of region or zone.
  • Full visibility into resource usage across multiple clouds to improve efficiencies and reduce current and future expenses.
  • Proactively alert cloud IT teams to service degradation issues from the user's perspective before any business impact across multiple clouds. Easily identify which service failed, which cloud provider was at fault, what needs to be re-architected.

Uila: Visualize Application and Infrastructure Dependencies across all Clouds and On-Premise

  • In-depth understanding of Applications, Infrastructure, Cloud components, external devices and their relationships in a single pane of glass.
  • Get to Root-cause quickly and pinpoint resource or cloud provider bottlenecks in the dependency chain for poor workload performance.
  • Visualize dependency relationships for a multi-tiered application across regions for the same cloud provider.
  • View each application service performance by its response time and transaction load on associated VMs or Instances.
  • No manual updates or interventions needed to build the dependency mapping. Install Uila, and we build the maps automatically and auto-update as we discover additions or deletions of resources or dependencies across any cloud provider. Also NO code changes needed for the application.

Uila: Rightsize your Cloud Resource to Optimize Costs

  • Optimize cloud costs and coordinate between cloud governance teams and resource owners (cloud IT teams) based on actual usage and uncover inefficiencies to reduce waste.
  • Visualize under-provisioned hosts or instances leading to application performance issues.
  • Visualize money left on the table with over-provisioned cloud assets across multiple cloud providers.
  • Visualize VM and Instance performance and utilization for a variety of resources including CPU, Memory and compare usage trends with allocated resources.
  • Visualize zombie or unused cloud components with Uila's Change Control monitoring capability.

Uila: Troubleshoot at High Velocity with Root-Cause Analysis

  • Monitor application performance and perform rapid root-cause analysis and reduce MTTR from days to minutes.
  • Utilize continuous Machine Learning (ML) & Behavior Learning algorithms to identify anomalies from performance baselines instead of manual guesstimates, to provide unprecedented level of accuracy.
  • Prevent alert storms and false positives with getting alerts only on issues that matter.
  • No need to manually interpret issues from multiple sources. Let Uila do that for you.
  • Real-time or time travel in the past to detect and solve intermittent issues.

Uila: Assessments for Multi-Cloud Migration Across Cloud Providers

  • Create your workload migrations plans across multiple cloud providers.
  • In-depth understanding of the applications or cloud components, external devices and their interdependencies, across Private, multiple Public Clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and the Internet.
  • No manual updates or interventions needed to build the dependency mapping. Install Uila, and we build the maps automatically and auto-update as we discover new resources or dependencies.
  • Support change management to manage the unpredictable evolution of workloads, networks and technologies and identify changes. Create baselines and visualize policy violations or just changes.
  • Validate dependencies after migration to ensure business continuity.


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