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2018 Uila Predictions: Application-centric Shift for Infrastructure Teams

December 20, 2017

This has been a great year for Uila and the industry in general. As we look forward to 2018, based on insights that we have received from our customers, partners, industry analysts we have worked with, and our internal SME team, here are Uila’s predictions for 2018 using our crystal ball:

crystal ball 

Accelerated shift towards an Application-centric world

The IT landscape is shifting from an infrastructure-centric view to an Application-centric view with the mandatory expectation of Application Performance, Service Delivery and Business Impact being the endpoint for every person in IT, irrespective of whether they are in traditional IT Operation teams or DevOps.

 application image

Infrastructure Professionals will be pressured to be Application Savvy

The train is leaving the station and either you are on the train or you will get left behind or run over, as there is no stopping the “Application-centric” train in the virtualization world. IT budgets will continue to stay flat, and organizations will have to get more done with the IT staff on-hand, which calls for a “Specialist” to a more “Generalist” shift in terms of skillsets. Also at the end of the day, with the new “application-centric” shift, the IT Operations team which traditionally has stayed within their own responsibility silo only, now need to have the insight and adapt themselves professionally to get more Application savvy.

IT engineer  

In-house VDI deployments are at a critical crossroad

VDI will continue to dominate in the Educational and Healthcare verticals with large deployments. But as many of these large deployments continue to experience end user performance issues, VDI troubleshooting will need tools that provide the necessary insight to quickly troubleshoot before they bring the user-productivity to a standstill.  If IT organizations do not quickly find a way to resolve the issues on hand, they might as well move away from VDI or will be forced to move to a VDI as a service type of a scenario.


Big year for Micro segmentation

2018 will be a big year for Micro-segmentation as a means of future-proofing Network Security. Minimizing the impact of an attack is the new means of Data Protection, as you just cannot stop all threats and attacks. But limiting the attack to a micro segment, maybe the best protection that is really possible.  In 2018, we will see more and more organizations taking the plunge here and implementing it in their environment during data center or workload migration projects.


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