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Grow Business by being a Force Multiplier for your Customers

    Clear visibility across a multitude of customers with multiple accounts, keeping those accounts up to date with customer side changes, proper resource deletion and customer coordination are cumbersome.

    Moreover, MSP’s are required to provide quality service, on time and budget to customers while maintaining constant uninterrupted services. Having multiple management functions might result inaccuracy and consumes more time and cost.

    Finally, with the rapid cloud adoption, cloud is one of the opportunity drivers for MSP’s. They need to adapt quickly to the changing technological landscapes be efficient in providing value to their customers.

    With Uila, MSPs can now become a force multiplier for not only managing and monitoring their customer's environment, but also help manage strategic projects such as Hybrid Cloud Migrations. Their customers can now be relieved from the complexities of managing the infrastructure or day-to-day operations.

    Saves your customer money by helping minimize expensive application outages and low performance. Provide peace of mind to your customers with the assurance that you have them covered, and will make sure everything pertaining to their Data Center environment is handled properly, so they don’t have to worry about it. They have a business to run, and you will take care of their applications and infrastructure.

Perform Accurate and Fast Pre-Migration Assessments

  • Plan your customer's Workload migration strategy from Private to Hybrid Cloud or between Data Centers with deep insights into current application usage and their dependencies.

  • Prevent surprises with incomplete migration of applications or infrastructure components.

  • Reduce business risks for you as well as your customer with the most accurate pre-migration assessment.

  • Intuitive Application services inventory map and current performance baseline to ensure successful migrations for multi-tier applications.

  • Visualize Application, Services, Interdependencies and Topology map to understand all dependencies & Identify your Technical Debt before migration.

  • Comprehensive Resource Provisioning and Usage, including CPU (cores, Ghz), Memory (Gb) & Storage (Capacity, IOPS, Latencies)

Get Expert Guidance on Rightsizing of Infrastructure Resources Before Migration

  • Visualize under-provisioned hosts or instances leading to application performance issues.Plan future cloud resources to avoid same mistakes.

  • Visualize money left currently on the table with over-provisioned infrastructure assets. Plan future cloud resources based on actual needs and smarter investments.

  • Visualize VM performance and utilization for a variety of resources including CPU, Memory and compare usage trends with allocated resources.

  • Clean out VM clutter before migration with visualization into zombie or unused VMs with Uila's Change Control monitoring capability.

Provide Continuous Monitoring Services During Migration

  • Complete visualization into workload migration progress with new and retired servers and connections
  • Real-time visibility allows for building confidence within the migration team, and also makes roll-backs or modifications very nimble, with minimum loss to business continuity

Troubleshoot at High Velocity with Root-Cause Analysis

  • Perform rapid Root-cause analysis and reduce MTTR from Days to Minutes. Spend time on fixing problems, instead of finding them. Let Uila do that for you.

  • Utilize Continuous Machine Learning (ML) & Behavior Learning algorithms to identify anomalies from performance baselines instead of manual guesstimates to provide unprecedented level of accuracy.

  • No need to manually interpret issues from multiple sources. Let Uila do that for you.

  • Real-time or time travel in the past to detect and solve intermittent issues.


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