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Empowering your teams to deliver on Business Transformation Projects to make the Organization a Creative Disruptor

    The CIO has to make sure that his or her IT teams can cut time and expense for monitoring and troubleshooting application/business service outages and performance issues, while at the same time enhance the organization's ability to accelerate their Business Transformation projects to become the creative disruptor in this new agile IT world.

    There are a number of challenges that the organization may face for their existing business services. These include:
  • Identification of Service Performance Issues before Business Impact which calls for the need to proactively monitor the environment to ensure there is no business impact due to outages or poor performance
  • Longer MTTR for Application Performance Challenges as there are too many tools in use by the different teams (DevOps/Application, IT Infrastructure Ops, Network Ops) with no correlation to pinpoint root cause. This leads to just finger-pointing and no solution.
  • Increased Infrastructure CAPEX and OPEX due to poor leverage of existing Infrastructure. This occurs due to limited application-centric visibility for IT Operations teams.
  • Security and Change Control issues due to which IT teams are in the dark for application rollouts (Shadow IT).
  • All of these challenges with keeping the lights on for the existing business services, leads to increase in MTTI (Mean Time to Innovation) which will help in accelerating the business objectives of the organization.

Eliminate Downtime for your Critical Business Services

    Your IT teams utilize Continuous Machine Learning (ML) to identify anomalies from performance baselines to head off performance problems at the pass. and eliminate finger pointing between Infrastructure, Network and Application teams with automated root cause and forensics.

Reduce CapEx and OpEx by getting more out of existing Infrastructure

    Reduce expenses by allowing IT teams to get the data they need to optimize application performance with the existing datacenter infrastructure with clear visibility into future infrastructure needs, based on existing bottlenecks and hotspots. All at the same time as maintaining the best user experience.

Accelerate your Strategic Business Initiatives like Hybrid Cloud Migrations

    Allow teams to know the existing application environment and interdependencies before hand to successfully execute Hybrid Cloud migrations projects without any outages or unplanned rollbacks, and most importantly maintain Business Continuity.

Safeguard your new Investments

    Uila's full stack visibility provides your organization with the required 24 x 7 full-stack visibility to solve business service outages & performance issues for your new initiatives, including VDI rollouts, Hybrid Cloud Initiatives, etc. and guarantee their success.


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