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Network Operations

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New Visibility for Network Operations like Never Before

    Just like storage gets blamed for most problems, so does the network. Network Operations teams are often blind to east-west traffic, which could be a security issue or VM migrations. Having visibility into this traffic is critical for Network teams.

    Network Operations teams are often in the modern data center tasked with transitions to a virtual environment and need to identify networking problems quickly, even in the virtual network.

    Traditionally used Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) solutions are missing many critical capabilities that actually help you solve the challenges for the end-user performance issue. This includes Compute resource visibility, Storage resource visibility, Application server health visibility, Application transaction emulation, a complete view of the network and the ability to identify root cause if it’s not the network.
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    Things NPM can't tell you

Uila: Monitor Network Health & Reduce MTTR for Business-Impacting Issues

  • No specialized help needed from Network teams needed to install and monitor the performance.
  • Vendor-agnostic for the networking infrastructure across on-premise and cloud deployments.
  • Guarantee High Network Availability at all times.
  • Triage to root-cause for Network issues (downtime and slow performance) and avoid fingerpointing between networking teams.
  • No expensive appliances or Hardware TAPs needed for monitoring the network.

Uila: End-to-end, Real-time & Continuous Network Monitoring

  • Visualize how vAPP network traffic traverses across physical devices, virtual entities & Application Services, to pinpoint network hot spots impacting application performance.
  • Review Network Round Trip Time, Traffic Volume, Retries, Packet Drops, Application Response Time for each application.
  • Top-down visualization approach from the Application or Business Service to its correlated Infrastructure and Network root cause for faster root cause resolution.

Uila: East-West Traffic & Network Topology Insight

  • Visual correlation of network data across entire infrastructure with quick drill downs into status and performance.
  • Visualize the top highest network traffic volume East-West VM pairs that may impact performance of others.
  • Instant recognition of new devices or connections for comprehensive and up-to-date view of your network infrastructure.

Leverage existing Network Packet Broker (NPB) Infrastructure and Investment

  • Leverage your existing Network Packet Broker (Ixia, Gigamon, NetScout, etc.) infrastructure and investment by forwarding network traffic from the NPB to Uila's Virtual Smart Taps.
  • Add much needed visibility for Application Performance based on Deep Packet Inspection of the network traffic.
  • Combine north-south and east-west traffic in a single network traffic analysis view. Get full access to KPIs such as bandwidth, transaction volume, drops, retries, etc.
  • Troubleshoot network issues proactively at lightning speeds with full visibility and bottleneck detection across the full-stack and all infrastructure dependencies. Uila's dependency maps are generated automatically, and without any agent deployment.


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