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What are Uila users saying?
Application-centric Advanced Traffic Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring
    Correlated Application, Infrastructure & Network
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  • Application Dependency Mapping
    Automated and Agentless
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  • Cyber Threat Monitoring
    Application Anomaly based Security Monitoring
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See what makes Uila unique

  • Application-centric insights for ITOps, NetOps and SecOps teams
  • Deploy in less than an hour with no hardware needed
  • Correlated Monitoring across the Full IT Stack in a Single Product
  • Agentless & Automated Application Dependency Mapping across Cloud Boundaries
  • Application-Centric Anomaly Behavior Analytics and Cyber Threat Monitoring
  • Workload Rightsizing Recommendations for Hybrid Cloud
  • Proactively prevent problems before Business Impact
  • Generate Migration Assessment Reports in a Single Click
What our customers say about us
“Uila provides me with the insights I need to keep my business running smoothly”
  • Reviewer role
    IT Director
“The software is really great to get a quick glance at the state of all of our systems”
  • Reviewer role
    System Administrator
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“Sonar Screen-style Heat Maps and Analysis Tools pinpoint Virtual Infrastructure Problem Areas”
  • Reviewer role
    Infrastructure Engineer
“Easy to Implement and Provided Priceless Value Almost Immediately”
  • Reviewer role
    Director - IT Operations
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Uila Case Studies
  • "We have been able to solve all the complaints that have been directed towards my team for infrastructure driven application complaints.”
    Mark Martinez
    IT Director, Harris County
  • "Whenever there’s a performance issue now, we can go in to Uila and it’s much easier to find out why.”
    James Oryszczyn
    Director of Security & Network Services, Quarles & Brady
  • "Uila has given us the capabilities to proactively tune our applications & determine the optimal system upgrades”
    Mike Johnson
    Director of IT, The Myers-Briggs Company
  • "Uila went from being a need to a critical piece in a matter of weeks by rapidly determining the root cause of problems.”
    Jim Root
    Chief Information Officer, Lake EMS
“Uila stands out by focusing on providing a level of visibility into data center operations that is not available with the existing tools in the segment.”

By Edwin Yuen, Analyst from ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group)

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