Uila gives IT infrastructure and operations teams “x-ray vision” through application-aware infrastructure performance monitoring, dependency mapping, and intuitive dashboard tools – that run across your entire virtual and physical data center, with no agent to install. Uila’s 1-click root cause analysis and deep packet inspection technology provides instant visibility into hotspots and bottlenecks, reducing resolution time from hours and days to mere minutes.

Customer Experience
Uila has demonstrated that even with a small IT team and a heavily virtualized infrastructure, it is possible to rapidly resolve application performance issues and proactively optimize member facing systems.

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Uila went from being a need, to a pilot, to a critical piece of our virtualized infrastructure in a matter of weeks by providing a “single pane of glass” view into our heavily virtualized Data Center and the system correlation to rapidly determine the root cause of problems.
Jim Root, Chief Information Officer, Lake Emergency Medical Services

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Virtualized data centers are complex & opaque
Uila allows IT operations to gain visibility into their complex, virtualized infrastructure
Application & infrastructure visibility
Correlated, data center-wide visibility

Rapid problem resolution
Root cause analysis of application issues

Proactive application tuning
Infrastructure performance and
capacity tuning

Big data
Delivers hidden operational insights

"There’s clearly a gap between application, virtualization, and infrastructure management teams, and this prevents rapid remediation of application performance issues,” said Mike Fratto, principal analyst at Current Analysis. “Uila gives infrastructure and virtualization teams the application performance visibility they need to rapidly pinpoint and fix problems."
Mike Fratto
Current Analysis

Virtualization shouldn't mean invisible infrastructure
"Uila is one of the most advanced virtual infrastructure tools I have ever seen"
-David Davis vExpert

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