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Performance Observability

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80% Faster Triaging of End-to-end Service Outages & Poor Performance Issues across Hybrid Cloud

  • Unified Interface for isolating and resolving complex IT disruptions with correlated metrics across the Virtual/Physical Data Center & Public Cloud deployments. Eliminate unplanned outages that may cost up to $750k/incident (as per Ponemon Institute)

  • Avoid legacy "silo-based" troubleshooting methodologies (switching between tools, manually comparing data) used by IT Operations and Application/DevOps teams, which only report symptoms instead of root-cause. uObserve's unified view enables colloboration across IT teams to increase team productivity and accelerate MTTR. Bring together diverse IT teams to resolve complex IT problems and disruptions.

  • Built-in End-to-end Application,Infrastructure and End-user Expert system gives IT teams 1-click access to root cause from the Dependency Maps and remediation steps for unplanned business service outages or performance degradations.

  • Pinpoint rootcause behind unplanned downtime or slowdowns, including application, infrastructure & virtual or physical network in a single unified view.

  • Solve problems from the end-user's perspective in addition to proactive monitoring to solve problems before they occur.

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Automate IT Operations with Intelligent Remediations & Reduce Unplanned Downtime by 70%

  • AIOps to streamline troubleshooting and reduce MTTR with remediation actions across the infrastructure, including VDI. Intelligent Alert-based triggers and Manual triggers provide complete control in proactively preventing issues as well as streamlining problem resolution.

  • Increase IT team efficiency and agility by automating repetitive tasks and focusings on issues that matter by reducing alert noise.

  • Based on Uila’s full-stack ML-based Root-cause analysis that rapidly isolates issues. Actions include Power off VMs, Suspend VMs, Reset VMs, Power On VMs, logging off VDI users, Updating VMware tools, Restart Guest OS, Kill a process running on a VDI desktop, etc.

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Eliminate pain points within the Compute Infrastructure

  • Visualize how compute performance impacts application performance by measuring metrics such as CPU swap wait, CPU Ready, Utilization and tie this to the Application Response Time.

  • Visualize performance of all memory arrays in your hosts with respect to the infrastructure currently running in your data center. Get up-to-date information on memory usage, swap rate, swap wait times, etc.

  • Detailed insights into processes using Compute resources.

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Actionable Application Intelligence and Analysis

  • Application auto-discovery for over 3,700 applications (including web, database, Saas, healthcare, financial, industrial, etc.) with Deep Packet Inspection

  • Track Application performance response time and service levels constantly to identify bottlenecks and issues.

  • Insights into Application transaction metadata (query, response and volume) for deeper investigation.

  • Export Application transaction data for forensic evidence.

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Application-centric Virtual and Physical Network Visibility & Troubleshooting

  • Virtual Network flow analysis reveals network issues and stress impacting application servers.

  • East-west (Lateral) network traffic analysis eliminates monitoring blind spots, and lets IT teams see anomalous traffic between VMs.

  • Pinpoint application performance bottleneck down to the physical network port (unavailable, congestion, errors) directly from the Application Dependency Map.

  • Get automatically alerted to network traffic violations.

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Rightsize your Infrastructure Investment

  • Optimize application performance with the existing Data Center infrastructure or Cloud resources with clear visibility into future needs, based on existing bottlenecks and hotspots.

  • Identify over-provisioned resource issues, and leverage your existing investment.

  • Identify under-provisioned resource issues that are impacting business-critical application performance.

  • Automate right-sizing guidance report delivery for faster response.

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Full-Stack VDI Performance Management & Troubleshooting

  • Pinpoint bottlenecks in the dependency chain for the virtual desktop infrastructure and the business-critical applications that are being serviced by it with automated mapping of end-to-end VDI deployment WITHOUT the installation of any agents.

  • Automated correlation between end-user VDI performance and connectivity issues with underlying network, storage and compute performance to get to root-cause before user impact.

  • End-user session information for Horizon clients to pin-point bottlenecks down to the VDI thin-client.

  • Visualize more than 3,700 applications in use by VDI clients including web, database, Saas, web-conferencing, website visits,Healthcare, financial, etc.

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Application-centric Alerting to reduce the Alert Noise

  • Eliminate Alert Fatigue on Application, Network and Infrastructure with automated baseline and intuitive colored indicators.

  • Learn from the past with automated baselining with long periods of data retention.

  • Isolate the area of problems and teams responsible for solving them in seconds, and reduce time to resolution and stressful finger-pointing within teams.


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