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VDI Troubleshooting

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Agentless Rollout

  • Fast, Simple and Efficient rollout without the use of any agents.

  • No special approvals needed from any application owner.

  • Perform Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and automatically classify over 3,500 applications (web, database, Saas, web conferencing, websites, healthcare, financial, etc.) running in your VDI environment.

  • Monitor any 3rd party application or Saas applications with ease.

Automated VDI Components Discovery

  • Reduced time to value with Automated discovery of VDI Components (end-to-end from user clients to virtual desktops to backend application and connection servers) and all interdependencies for VMware Horizon and Citrix deployments.

  • Troubleshoot issues proactively directly from the Dependency Map down to the Application, Network or Infrastructure.

  • No manual updates or interventions needed to build the Dependency mapping. Install Uila, and we will build the maps automatically with NO code changes needed.

  • Identify challenges with individual applications running for every VDI user and virtual desktop.

Troubleshoot at High Velocity with Root-Cause Analysis

  • Monitor application performance and perform rapid root-cause analysis and reduce MTTR from days to minutes.

  • Utilize continuous Machine Learning (ML) & Behavior Learning algorithms to identify anomalies from performance baselines instead of manual guesstimates, to provide unprecedented level of accuracy.

  • Identify if VDI issues are due to the Infrastructure resources, Virtual or Physical Network, Application transaction issues, Authorization & Authentication issues, etc.

  • Real-time or time travel in the past to detect and solve intermittent issues.

VMware Horizon User Session Analysis

  • Visualize session data for your entire VDI deployment or customize view for your Pools, Pods or Sites.

  • Insights into detailed user sessions for VMware Horizon deployments. Visualize Active, idle and disconnected sessions.

  • Visualize username, associated virtual desktop VM, session start time, pool or farm information, etc.

  • Measure time for every stage in the logon process like broker duration, agent duration, app launch duration, etc. and isolate issues leading to failed or slow logons.

  • Visualization of Blast Extreme and PCOIP RX and TX Packet Loss, Round-Trip Time, User session latency, bandwidth, etc.

  • Insights into Application traffic from VDI desktop as a client connects to application servers (e.g. Zoom, ERP, Databases, EHR, etc.)

  • Detailed information on the Windows Desktop Processes.

Nvidia GPU Monitoring

  • Intelligent NVIDIA GPU metrics using the NVIDIA System Management Interface (NVSMI) to allow desktops teams to provide the maximized performance for GPU-enabled virtual desktops.

  • Critical GPU insights like VM-level Peak GPU usage, frame buffer, GPU decoder/encoder usage, memory usage, etc. for the individual user sessions.

  • GPU host level metrics like GPU ID, driver version, peak VM counts, peak/average GPU & memory usage.

  • User-friendly GPU usage report to be delivered at a time of their convenience.

End-User Behavior Analytics

  • End-user response time tracking proactively alerts IT to service degradation from the user's perspective before user and revenue impact.

  • Response time analysis breaks down delays by the server, WAN network, or the client device.

  • Site-by-site and client-by-client analysis isolates and correlates user issues to the real root cause, thus speeding up troubleshooting time.

Pinpoint Storage issues impacting VDI performance

  • Monitor Storage performance and isolate issues across multiple vendor’s storage arrays on a 24 x 7 basis.

  • Visualize trending performance issues on Read/Write latencies and IOPS across VMs, vDisk and Data Stores.

  • Visualize and get automatically alerted on disk capacity challenges impacting VDI performance.

  • Simplify capacity planning procedures with insights into storage hotspots.

Visualize Network Traffic issues impacting VDI performance

  • Visualize how the application network traffic traverses across physical devices, virtual entities & Application Services, to pinpoint network hot spots impacting application performance.

  • Review Network Round Trip Time, Traffic Volume, Retries, Packet Drops, Application Response Time for each application.

  • Top-down visualization approach from the Application or Business Service to its correlated Infrastructure and Network root cause for faster root cause resolution.

  • Isolate issues down to the Server, WAN network or Remote client device for your Remote workforce.

Rightsize and Optimize your VDI Deployment

  • Visualize under-provisioned hosts or instances leading to application performance issues.

  • Visualize money left currently on the table with over-provisioned infrastructure assets.

  • Visualize VM performance and utilization for a variety of resources including CPU, Memory and compare usage trends with allocated resources.

  • Generate right-sizing reports for VM resources and share with the rest of the team.


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