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VDI Troubleshooting

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What is VDI?

    With VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), organizations are able to run virtual desktops and applications from their data center or cloud resource, instead of running them on physical machines.

    The benefits of VDI are known universally. They include:
  • Instant provisioning and simplified Image management
  • Automated backup & recovery of desktops (great for DR)
  • Centralized updates and roll-backs if needed
  • Decreased desktop deployment, management and support costs
  • Enhanced Security of Desktops, Applications as well as Data in Data Centers
  • Support the BYOD trend
  • Many more…

VDI Performance Challenges

    At the end of the day, for VDI deployments, it is all about the End-user Experience. There is an expectation of it being Available, Reliable & Fast at all times. IT administrators often get the generic complaint, like "The Internet is down" or "Internet is slow". That information is not enough for administrators to actively go out and figure out the root cause of the complaint. Also it is important in most cases to avoid this complaint pro-actively.

    The performance of the VDI Infrastructure is dependent on:
  • Server (Compute Resources)
  • Network (Cabling, Packet Drops, DNS, etc.)
  • Storage (IOPS or Latency issues)
  • VDI Application issues (Authentication, etc.)

    We typically see IT teams throwing resources blindly at the VDI complaint. But this is not practial in the real world, and IT teams must figure out a way of getting to the root-cause of the VDI outage or slow performance instead.

Uila for VDI Performance Management

    With Uila, you can simplify your VDI monitoring and troubleshooting processes and can identify the root-cause of the issue that is leading to degraded VDI performance.

    This includes monitoring of:
  • VDI Connection Server Response time
  • End User Experience & Network Response time
  • Virtual Desktop Internal Process Monitoring
  • Virtual Desktop Resource Provisioning (CPU/Memory/Storage)
  • Application Response Time for your Business Applications
  • Discovering applications or SaaS services or other bandwidth consuming services

    With Uila, you can monitor & Troubleshoot VDI Health & Performance for both Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View environments.

Uila: Agentless Rollout

  • Fast, Simple and Efficient rollout without the use of any agents.
  • No special approvals needed from any application owner.
  • Perform Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and automatically classify over 3,500 applications running in your VDI environment.

Uila: Automated VDI Components Discovery

  • Reduced time to value with Automated discovery of VDI Components (end-to-end) and all interdependencies.
  • Troubleshoot issues proactively at lightning speeds with full visibility into the dependencies across applications and infrastructure. View each application service performance by its response time and transaction load on the associated VMs.
  • No manual updates or interventions needed to build the Dependency mapping. Install Uila, and we will build the maps automatically with NO code changes needed. For VMware Horizon® versions 6 or higher, Uila automatically generates the Application Dependency Map which can display the different tiers of the entire VDI environment, including thin clients, VDI desktops, as well as critical infrastructure components such as the Connection server, Domain Controller, etc.
  • Application dependency and topology mapping provides critical insight for defining Migration & Disaster recovery Strategies.
  • Key Performance Indicators such as Application Response Time, Transaction Volume, packets, etc. for every application discovered.

Uila: Troubleshoot at High Velocity with Root-Cause Analysis

  • Monitor application performance and perform rapid root-cause analysis and reduce MTTR from days to minutes.
  • Utilize continuous Machine Learning (ML) & Behavior Learning algorithms to identify anomalies from performance baselines instead of manual guesstimates, to provide unprecedented level of accuracy.
  • Identify if VDI issues are due to the Infrastructure resources, Authorization & Authentication issues, etc.
  • Identify Kerberos Authorization errors.
  • Identify Slow JMS & bad DND queries.
  • Real-time or time travel in the past to detect and solve intermittent issues.

Uila: End-User Behavior Analytics

  • End-user response time tracking proactively alerts IT to service degradation from the user's perspective before user and revenue impact.
  • Response time analysis breaks down delays by the server, network, storage, application and clients.
  • Site-by-site and client-by-client analysis isolates and correlates user issues to the real root cause, thus speeding up troubleshooting time.

Uila: Pinpoint Storage issues impacting VDI performance

  • Monitor Storage performance across multiple vendor’s storage arrays on a 24 x 7 basis.
  • Visualize trending performance issues on Read/Write latencies and IOPS across VMs, vDisk and Data Stores.
  • Understand the problematic tiers within your storage infrastructure and isolate any issues impacting VDI performance.
  • Simplify capacity planning procedures with insights into storage hotspots.

Uila: Visualize Network Traffic issues impacting VDI performance

  • Visualize how the application network traffic traverses across physical devices, virtual entities & Application Services, to pinpoint network hot spots impacting application performance.
  • Review Network Round Trip Time, Traffic Volume, Retries, Packet Drops, Application Response Time for each application.
  • Top-down visualization approach from the Application or Business Service to its correlated Infrastructure and Network root cause for faster root cause resolution.

Uila: Rightsize and Optimize your VDI Deployment

  • Visualize under-provisioned hosts or instances leading to application performance issues.
  • Visualize money left currently on the table with over-provisioned infrastructure assets.
  • Visualize VM performance and utilization for a variety of resources including CPU, Memory and compare usage trends with allocated resources.
  • Generate right-sizing reports for VM resources and share with the rest of the team.


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