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Government Digital Initiatives Trends

    Government agencies (both Department of Defense agencies as well as Local and State governments) as part of their Government Digital initiatives are going through modernization efforts, including the move to the Public Cloud.

    As part of the move to the Hybrid Cloud deployment, security is top of mind of these agencies. They need to make sure that they thwart any cyberattacks against the infrastructure, whether it belongs to the intelligence community or the local government.

    Agencies also have the mandate of reducing their expenses, but without the risk of reducing the performance of the services that are being provided to the citizens or residents.

Uila: Real-time Data Insights for Network Security Analytics

  • Real-time Full Network Security Insight with comprehensive Applications, Network and Infrastructure & East-West traffic statistics across VMs.
  • Detect East-West traffic which may indicate that a malware penetrated the outer security perimeter and has launched further attacks inside a vulnerable data center.
  • Support Change Management to manage the unpredictable evolution of IT work loads, networks and technologies. Also prevent Shadow IT (roll out of new applications or Servers without IT approval) within your agency.
  • Identify Dormant VM vulenrabilities in your data center.
  • Detect Abnormal patterns of connections and traffic flow indicating a network security threat that could impact business service performance and operations
  • Packet Capture for Deep Packet Inspection & Forensic Evidence to solve network security challenges
  • Ability to identify nearly all protocols and applications behind IP flows, on mobile and wireline networks, in any geography.

Uila: Hybrid Cloud (Azure, AWS GovCloud) Migration Assurance

  • Reduce business risks and help IT teams focus on business accelerations vs maintenance projects. With Uila's pre-migration assessment you know your Apps and interdependencies before hand to eliminate incomplete migrations or unplanned rollbacks.
  • Intuitive Application services inventory map and current performance baseline to ensure successful migrations for multi-tier applications.
  • Visualize Application, Services, Interdependencies and Topology map to understand all dependencies & Identify your Technical Debt before migration.
  • Comprehensive Resource Provisioning and Usage, including CPU (cores, Ghz), Memory (Gb) & Storage (Capacity, IOPS, Latencies)

Uila: Reduce CapEx and OpEx by getting more out of existing Infrastructure

  • Manage your mandates to reduce expenses by allowing IT teams to get the data they need to optimize application performance with the existing datacenter infrastructure with clear visibility into future infrastructure needs, based on existing bottlenecks and hotspots. All at the same time as maintaining the best user experience.
  • Full visibility into current workload performance and ones that are making the greatest demands on system resources, and compare that with your business objectives.
  • Analytics across the entire application and infrastructure stack finds underutilized resources and even unused infrastructure software licenses. This allows you to be more strategic and selective when it comes time to upgrade infrastructure.


What do Uila users say?
"We have been able to solve all the complaints that have been directed towards my team for infrastructure-driven application complaints. This ability to solve problems accurately and quickly, gets even more important during election time, to keep both our Data Center & Democracy alive."

- Mark Martinez, Assistant Director - Information Technology at Harris County

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