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Uila Incident Savings Calculator

Minimize the Impact of Outages

Application & Infrastructure Outages or Downtimes in today's fast changing Hybrid IT & Micro-services environment, have a significant impact on the organization in a number of direct and indirect costs including: 
1) IT Staff Cost for Incident Handling 
2) Lost IT Staff Productivity
3) Lost Employee Productivity
4) Lost Revenue & Reputation
5) Business Disruption
6) Increased Equipment costs
7) Costs to expand IT staff

Did you also know that:
1) Outages cost $9k-$15/min and $750k/incident
2) Average annual cost of IT downtime for businesses is $1.55M
3) 31% of Outage costs is lost in Company Revenue

No organization can escape IT outages or downtime due to a performance issue or a cyber threat. What you can do is to minimize its occurrence and rapidly recover from that outage or slowness. It is important for you to calculate these potential critical losses in productivity, revenue and reputation for your own organization.

Check how much outages or downtime can cost your organization and how much you can save with Uila's 360 degree End-to-End Application and End User visibility by using the "Incident Savings Calculator" below (Note: Please wait for a few seconds for the Calculator to load).

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