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uObserve: Application Dependency Mapping

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Need for Application Dependency Mapping

    Application Dependency Mapping improves IT efficiencies in terms & enables IT teams to assess the risk or impact of a change prior to making it, understand downstream impacts of problems and for planning strategic projects.
    According to an industry survey conducted by Uila, 2 out 3 IT teams have NO visibility into their assets and Application dependencies, which makes troubleshooting and strategic project planning very challenging.

    The main use cases for Application Dependency Mapping:
  • Asset Management & Audits
  • Identifying Root-cause for Application Disruptions and performance slowdowns
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Change Control Monitoring
  • Assessments before migrating to the Cloud or Data Centers
  • Maintaining a strong security posture for your deployment and reducing risks

97% Reduction in time to Discover & Document Application & Server Dependencies

  • Automated visualization of critical relationships between all virtual, physical and cloud assets and their interdependencies at the application level without the installation of any agents. This 360 degree visibility provides IT teams with the much needed oversight into their operations, understand dependencies and accelerate problem resolution.

  • Direct DPI-based classification for over 3,700 applications (Web, Database, SaaS, Healthcare, Financial, IoT, Building Automation, Industrial, etc.).

  • Automatically generated and updated in real-time for all applications.

  • Create and customize multi-tier application groups based on your requirements.

Use Cases for Application Dependency Mapping

Monitor Application Health & Troubleshoot Quickly

  • Accurate and Upto-date inventory of all assets and their dependencies.

  • Single-click identification of root cause in Application performance down to Application, Infrastructure and Virtual/Physical Network bottlenecks directly from the dependency map.

  • Customize Dependency Maps based on your mission critical services in a single click.

  • Visualize Application Response Time, Network Response Time, Transactions for all assets directly from the map.

Take Back Control of Your Changes & Identify Policy Violations

  • Support Change Management to manage the unpredictable evolution of IT workloads, networks and technologies with real-time tracking of any dependency map changes.

  • Insights into misconfigurations of infrastructure and applications and their impact on each other.

  • Plan your Disaster Recovery and eliminate data loss with a guarantee that to bring back all the business-critical applications to life and work as efficiently as before.

  • Visualize additions, deletions and modifications with time travel for any asset and dependency with simple color codes.

Change Control in the Modern Data Center

Plan your organization's Migration Strategies with Agentless Pre-Migration Assessments

  • In-depth understanding of the Infrastructure and Application assets in the data center and their interdependencies.

  • Identify current VMs that have performance issues, and fix them before you migrate.

  • Comprehensive Compute Resource Provisioning and Network Usage guidance for future Public Cloud cost estimations.

  • Export results to Excel or CMDB systems.

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