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The Definitive Guide to Application Dependency Mapping

White Paper

In this paper, we will cover one of the most important aspects of monitoring On-Premise, Public, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments to make that initiative successful, and that is Application Dependency Mapping. We will be talking about its top use cases including:

  • Asset Management & Audits
  • Identifying Root-cause for Application Disruptions and performance slowdowns 
  • Disaster Recovery Planning 
  • Assessments before migrating to the Cloud 
  • Assessments for Data Center Consolidation 
  • Knowing if you need to fix your on-premise problems or purchase more resources in the Public Cloud 
  • Reduce Technical Debt by identifying and eliminating redundancies or unused hardware 
  • Change Control Monitoring 
  • Maintaining a strong security posture for your deployment and reducing risks 
  • Many more...

We will make this paper as short and concise as possible and get directly to the points that really matter to IT teams.

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