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VMUG Webcast: Connect the Dots with Application Dependency Mapping

Topic: Connect the Dots with Application Dependency Mapping

In a previous VMUG webcast, we covered the different use cases for Application Dependency Mapping, and now as the next chapter to the topic, we talk using live examples on how to actually solve many of those “unsolvable” or “unprovable” problems using Application Dependency Mapping. Not all ADM tools are created the same. Being able to connect the dots to identify the real root-cause at any point in the dependency chain is mission critical for most organizations.

In this session, we talk about:
  1. Automated Application Dependency Mapping across the different tiers of the VMware environment, Physical servers, Cloud workloads and SaaS services; 
  2. How to reduce MTTR and MTTK by taking the guesswork out of problem solving with easy problem isolation across the dependencies; 
  3. Real-world use cases of healthcare, manufacturing and retail organizations like hospitals, retail and manufacturing in a “Live Demo” where they used Application Dependency Mapping and quickly recovered from application downtime to save both lives and their business.

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