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The case for monitoring SD-WAN

May 15, 2020


SD-WAN is one of the biggest trends in the networking world today. Companies of all sizes utilize SD-WAN to connect their remote offices to resources hosted in the cloud or their datacenter.

Over the past few weeks, as the world has seen an explosion in remote workers, SD-WAN plays a critical role in ensuring businesses to function. SD-WAN brings in the simplicity and flexibility for remote connectivity that network administrators previously lacked, however it comes with a major challenge

With SD-WAN, the need for a direct link to remote sites has been eliminated. It has paved the way to use cheaper internet connections, 4G, etc. However, with this also comes a problem where the quality of internet or 4G connections may not be guaranteed as it will routed through the internet which the network administrator has no control over.

Moreover, SD-WAN’s create multiple virtual networks which can restrict the Network administrator’s visibility into the network. Traditional monitoring tools are not aware and cannot provide any visibility into the virtual networks.

SD-WAN, brings in the promise of greater resiliency at lower costs. However, just like any new networking technology, it can leave the net-ops teams in the dark if there is no strategy to monitor it.

Using a solution like Uila, it possible to get advanced statistics and network visibility across remote sites.

The user can also look into the remote connections to further correlate the issues to datacenter connections.

Moreover, the user can use Network device monitoring to identify the issues with WAN links –

Posted onMarch 26, 2020
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