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VDI Tips and Tricks for Desktop Professionals #2: End-to-end VDI and Application Visibility

March 23, 2022

The one question I always get from Desktop teams is that when the complaint comes in from an user, we struggle to find the "real" reason behind the outage or slowdown in a timely manner. Then they get into stressful fingerpointing conversations with other networking, storage, application peers where everyone reports either their tool of choice report "green" or they see "red". When they see "red" on their monitoring platform, in most cases those tools, are just reporting symptoms and not the root cause. These delays in getting to the root cause and solving the problem leads to a lot of frustration vented by the end-user on the desktop team. And add the different applications used by these end-users on top of it, and things get even more complicated. Getting visibility from end-to-end and isolating the root cause for a specific application has become critical in today's VDI deployment.  

The first important step to solve the issues is to gain visibility into what exists in your environment. This includes visibility into the virtual, physical and cloud assets and all of the applications running on them. Individual applications may also get impacted differently, so recognizing the applications has become critical. With Uila, desktop teams have the ability of classifying more than 3,500 applications automatically. Applications include web, database, Saas (Office 365, Google, Salesforce, etc.), healthcare apps (DICOM, HL7), financial apps (FIX), etc. Here is a list of all identified apps and protocols.

Uila also reports the performance in terms of the Application Response Time separately for each of these applications, so that the teams can focus on applications that matter or are suffering the most. Also with the agentless approach that Uila takes, it makes monitoring more ubiquitous, which is very important for any successful troubleshooting operation. You need to see everything, before you solve anything.


Also Uila's unique Application Dependency Mapping capabilities automatically maps out the entire Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from end-to-end for VMware Horizon® deployments. VDI and Desktop teams are empowered with end-to-end visibility into the different tiers of the entire VDI environment, including thin clients, VDI desktops, as well as critical VDI infrastructure components such as the Connection server, Domain Controller, etc. With this capability, users can now easily pinpoint bottlenecks in the dependency chain for the virtual desktop infrastructure and the business-critical applications that are being serviced by it.

Traditionally enterprise organizations have struggled with troubleshooting VDI problems due to the lack of end-to-end visibility (virtual desktop to business applications) to troubleshoot complex VDI deployments. The desktop teams struggle with keeping up with the VDI interdependency as well as maintenance of the sheer growth of their VDI deployments, thus leading to slower and unacceptable timelines while manually mapping or troubleshooting any virtual desktop complaints. With this industry-first automated approach, desktop teams are for the first time able to eliminate those tedious manual configuration/mapping tasks and able to pin-point the true reason for an outage or slowdown directly on the VDI application dependency map. With this Application-centric approach, teams also avoid the typical silo blame-game and focus on issues that matter to them and within their control.

Horizon ADM

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