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Everything to the Cloud! How Uila can help with your Pre-migration Assessment

June 05, 2018

Most organizations today are looking at what it means to migrate at least some of their applications or workloads.  Dependencies may challenge organizations to run in a hybrid configuration where some infrastructure is on-premises, but a majority of the workload is now running in the cloud.  This changes how we approach our IT strategy and how we plan. With the right tools a pre-migration assessment of your application(s), or even the entire environment can be completed by your own IT team.  This can be done to ensure that you are prepared to know exactly what we are getting into before we try to move any corporate information to a cloud platform. 

Why do a Pre-Migration Assessment?

Migrating to any cloud; whether it is to Microsoft Azure, AWS and the Google Cloud Platform, should not ever come without planning.  Cloud migrations do not come with an “easy button”, although sometimes the impression can be that it is super easy; typically, it’s not.   Whether you are migrating to a SaaS application, virtualizing your servers or desktops to the cloud planning and assessment must occur for many reasons. 

Let’s take a look here to learn more about when to do a pre-migration assessment and how Uila can help.

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