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How the IT world has changed in the last week?

March 18, 2020

As I sit in my home office writing this blog, the world of IT has been forced to expand their responsibility and focus on remote workers due to COVID-19.  Though most companies already have some infrastructure in place to support remote workers, but the dramatic shift to the remote workplace has certainly created new and unseen challenges for the IT team.  

First and most obvious of all, the load on networking for WAN, SD-WAN, VPN goes so much higher.  In addition, as a result of the increase in the north-south traffic volume and patterns, internal routers and switches are stressed at very different paths.  The bandwidth saturation, packet loss and retransmission, prolonged network round trip time are the likely outcomes.  

Secondly, enterprise applications are being put to a different test.  Online virtual collaboration applications such as Sharepoint and Skype for Business have become mission critical.  Regular enterprise business applications may also be put under stress, due to the remote workers shifting working schedules creating peak usage bottleneck differently in the application as well as the underlying infrastructure.  For example, time shifted inventory report generation workload colliding with ERP workload in hitting the SQL databases and stressing storage system latency.  

Lastly, technical support for remote worker productivity can make or break the entire company’s productivity. It is now critical to be able to efficiently monitor end user response time, troubleshoot slow applications accessed by remote users, identify the root cause to SD-WAN, VPN or application, or data center server infrastructure.

To be a contributing and responsible community member during this COVID-19 induced IT crunch, Uila would like to help.   Our free assessment for your data center will include not only the use of our product for 2 weeks but also we would like to offer our staff expertise to deploy our solution, and identify and remediate any bottlenecks of your data center operations and remote workers efficiency.  Click here to request access to this program.
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