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Importance of Application Anomaly Detection

November 04, 2019

Application anomaly detection in the simplest words are the abnormal changes to applications and connections that take place in an environment. Over the past couple of decades, as we have moved from physical servers to easily deploying virtual and cloud-based servers, the complexities in terms of performance monitoring and security has also changed.

It has become increasingly impossible for us to keep track of the different connections the servers make, and to add to the complication if a particular node communicates with a server it’s not supposed to, it becomes unmanageable to track.

This is where automated application anomaly detection plays an important role.

  1. Anomaly detection for application performance –

Application performance can make or break the revenue for any organization. For large enterprises, every time there is an outage, that is millions in lost revenue. It is no longer possible for us to be reactive to performance issues and a proactive measure is needed.

2.Anomaly Detection for Security performance –

Security is of paramount importance to any organization. Most attacks in this day-in-age are lateral between application workloads and cannot be prevented using perimeter security products such as firewalls. Micro-segmentation using products like VMware NSX plays an important role, in preventing the lateral movement, however in case an abnormal lateral movement occurs, it’s important to detect it immediately.

Using Uila, users can address both the points above.

  • With Uila’s interactive interface and smart baselining technology, anomaly detection becomes very simple. A proactive measure to troubleshoot and fix the problem can be taken before the problem becomes critical. Moreover, it becomes easy to identify the bottleneck and the source of problems.

  • With Uila’s application anamoly detection, it becomes quite simple to proactively monitor lateral movement and prevent stealth attacks within an environment.

The blue lines above represent the new changes in application communication which are abnormal connections.

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