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Digital Transformation Success with Monitoring

September 19, 2017

IT has gone through various phases of transition over the years.  We went from large mainframes and terminals in the early days to smaller server footprints for our datacenters with a user endpoint that was graphical in nature, and learned the value of monitoring our solutions. Today we are embarking on a whole new journey where cloud, virtual reality and Internet of Things are part of the conversation.


It’s clear that the way we consume technology is rapidly changing, and more importantly we are hearing more and more about how our organizations will adapt to organizational digital transformation. Before we begin, let us first discuss what digital transformation truly means.  To me, it means that organizations have adopted their technology base, and have workflows and processes in place that are successful.  But now with technologic advancements and the reshaping of how we do IT, the way we use technology is also changing.  This is Digital Transformation!


Before we get into how this impacts your organization, and where monitoring can help, let’s first consider this. When we look at how our options for technology consumption are advancing with the introduction of many different things such as cloud, artificial intelligence, automation, internet of things, advanced analytics, and more, it would seem that it truly is a time of digital transformation.  The solid technology that is running our organizations today will not be the same for tomorrow. 


So are you ready?  We have more insights on this topic here that you will want to discover.

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