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Results of the Uila vExpert Hybrid Cloud survey coming soon!

June 18, 2018

74% of vExperts respondents say Hybrid Cloud is business critical. Do you agree? Results of the Uila vExpert Hybrid Cloud survey coming soon!


In the last couple of months, as we continued to engage with IT teams, the one trend that led most of the conversations was around building Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and Migrations. Either out of their own choice or being asked to support the effort, there was not a single IT engineer we spoke with, who was not involved with migration activity in some way or the other. This led us down the path to identify the best way to help the IT community. Our intention going into the survey was to obtain the most accurate and expert guidance on the topic, so that when an IT engineer takes on this type of  project, he has the recommendations from experts in the back of his mind. And who better than the vExperts to provide this level of guidance.


Recently we conducted a first-of-a-kind Survey Panel with vExperts on the state of the Hybrid Cloud initiative. The Survey was focused on Hybrid Cloud Migration and Monitoring challenges and techniques. As always, the community was very engaging and forthcoming in this effort. We received tremendous response from the vExperts, who were eager to help their peers, as well as others who are interested in this topic. The vExperts on this survey panel provided their feedback based on their own experience and observation in their own Enterprise SI/MSP organization or as a consultant for the above organizations. Most of the vExperts who responded were primarily in the Architect Role, the responsibility for providing the direction to the IT team for new business services or initiatives that will help the organization in its business transformation.


The survey results reveal the realities of the challenges with migrating to the Hybrid World. We are holding an exclusive webinar for vExperts only to give them the results and opinions from their peers before releasing the results publicly.


Preview Presentation for vExperts - Hybrid Cloud vExpert Survey Results

            Date: June 27, 2018

            Time: 11am PST

            vExpert registration: click here


We look forward to hosting vExperts on this webinar. Not only will attendees be able to hear what their peers had to say, but also this format gives an opportunity for those who did not respond to the survey to share their opinions as well. And finally, thanks to all the vExperts who shared their thoughts and expertise by participating in our survey. We were happy to send out Amazon Spots as thank-you gifts to five randomly selected vExperts who responded. Congratulations to Matthew Leib, Tim Carr, Paul Woodward Jr., Jon Hildebrand, and Dave Henry.


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