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Key Data Center Monitoring metrics to track during COVID-19

April 13, 2020

The one question that I have started to get a lot is around the topic of how COVID-19 or the coronavirus is impacting Data Centers and business applications, as such across multiple industries. The one thing, I think everyone will agree on is the fact that the sheer amount of online data traffic has increased multi-fold. Some of it can be from certain verticals where we see an uptick in traffic like healthcare or maybe even the pharmaceutical industry, where the organizations need to carry out calculations and simulations in the shortest possible time for finding a solution to the health crisis or track other community data.

The other aspect is just with the humungous increase in the remote workforce, where in a majority of the western countries, almost 100% of the people have shifted to working from home. They are using video conferencing applications like webex or zoom for their meetings or just conduct business as usual. This shift has led to a greater need for computing and network traffic capacity, that IT teams need to support. Depending on your organization and how you or others on your IT team provide services to your users, this may or may not matter to you. But if it does, this is something you need to seriously look into. Also add a few other activities on top of tele-conferencing, like an uptick in gaming activities as more users are at home. Or just think about online retailing services that your organization may provide will hopefully be seeing  some good growth or if you are a healthcare organization, those physical visits to the doctors are converting into video visits that the IT team needs to support. 

This is where the ability to have full visibility into your computing resources and associated baselines will be critical. You will see a dramatic shift in those baselines from the past. You will need visibility into servers or hosts running the applications accessed remotely and understand what is being used and how the capacity needs are shifting.

Compute Resources

 Are your critical servers waiting for those CPU resources to be made available for them to provide services to users? Are certain hosts overwhelmed as compared to others? Can you move certain servers or VMs between the hosts to provision them well and balance things out? Are your networking links getting over utilized causing ports to be fully congested or packets, whether they are in the virtual environment or in the physical world being dropped? 

All these questions and more importantly their answers are key for you to solve and be on top of the challenges that we all face during this healthcare crisis. The faster you understand your computational and networking capacity, the faster you can react and prevent that unplanned downtime.

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