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Exciting News for Uila: Series A Funding from TOYO Corp

March 13, 2017

We’re humbled and proud to partner with TOYO Corp. as we expand our presence in North America and build on our success with TOYO in Asia. We’re also continuing to enhance our application-aware performance monitoring software.

There’s a major shift underway in IT infrastructure. Every company we speak with is modernizing their data centers and every application is getting virtualized, if it hasn’t been already. Virtualization helps consolidate infrastructure and gives IT much greater agility, but it also poses challenges. Problems get harder to pinpoint since compute, storage, and networking get abstracted from the underlying hardware. When there is an issue, root cause analysis can turn into weeks of guesswork and finger-pointing between infrastructure and application teams.

Most monitoring solutions focus on a part of the stack -- networking, storage, servers, VMs, or applications. That leaves IT with the heavy lifting of root cause analysis -- correlating problems across the stack. Heavily virtualized shops effectively lose visibility into problems.

We have spent the past three years proving out our technology and our approach with heavily virtualized customers like Lake County EMS. Their CIO Jim Root told us that Uila went from being an interesting idea “to a pilot, to a critical piece of our virtualized infrastructure in a matter of a few weeks by providing a ‘single pane of glass’ view into our heavily virtualized datacenter.” With Uila, they’re now able to quickly identify root cause of any problems that come up.

We’re excited to bring full stack visibility and rapid root cause analysis to more customers like Lake County EMS and First Tech Federal Credit Union as they work to modernize their infrastructure. The Series A investment will let us accelerate our efforts in 2017. We also owe a tremendous thanks to our hard-working team, TOYO, our other investors, and especially our customers who share our vision. None of this would have happened without everyone’s efforts and support.

To learn more read the press announcement - or contact us.
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