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What's new in Uila 4.6?

April 24, 2022

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest release v5.0 for the Uila solution. Here are a few highlights of the new features in the release:

  • Customized Scripting

Uila now provides extensive agility and flexibility to IT teams to automate remediation actions as well as configurations using its customizable scripting capability. With this, Uila users can empower their organization with continuous optimization across the full-stack to maximize application performance and security. Uila’s scripting provides the ability for the custom Power-Shell based scripts to be executed on VMware vCenter® as well as VMware Horizon® Connection Server. Once created the script would show up in the remediation action for the VM or the VDI user session for you to execute. These scripts can be executed either as part of a manual remediation/configuration or automate it based on alerts for a zero-touch experience.

  • VDI User Report

Uila users can now generate a detailed VDI user report, including information on Top 20 users by active session time, session idle time, round trip latency, packet loss, logon delay, CPU/memory usage, and many more.

  • Support for new application/protocol classification

With this new release, users can now classify new applications and protocols including, Zerotier VPN, 163Mail, website access to RetailMeNot, Onlyfans, Amazon PrimeNow, Nvidia, TMZ, United Airlines, NHL, MLB,, and many more.

  • User-defined Alarm Description

Users can now specify custom descriptions for any alarm action being created. This provides the ability for the users to customize the alarm notifications description with details that matter to them instead of only using the default one.

  • User-defined port in Service Availability

Users can now customize new TCP port services in Service Availability without having Uila classify the application first. This provides the much-needed flexibility for validating the status of any application.  Users have the choice of selecting from the discovered services or define their own.

  • Site Name added to VDI sessions table

Users can now visualize Site Name defined in the End User Experience configuration in the VDI user session table. With this addition, users can now quickly sort by “Site Name” to visualize VDI sessions at that remote branch office site. 

  • Anomalous ports in Network Device Monitoring

Users can now visualize physical network ports that are impacted by high utilization traffic bursts.  


 Please get in touch if you’d like to see a demo or run a complimentary trial of Uila’s solution with these new features.
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