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What's new in Uila 5.0

August 10, 2022

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest release v5.0 for the Uila solution. Here are a few highlights of the new features in the release:

  • Centralized Log Analysis

With Uila uObserve, you now get instant and automated access to out-of-box correlated and contextualized logs from multiple systems including Windows (Event and Active Directory), IIS servers, Zscaler, Cisco, Barracuda, F5, Checkpoint, Juniper, etc. and applications like Microsoft SQL server, VMware Horizon, IBM MQ, Oracle, Office 365, and much more.  Users are now powered with intelligent full-stack observability context in a unified console, that combines metric and log data to improve IT team efficiencies without the need to dig through logs in a separate tool and correlate with metric data.

  • Trending charts for Network Conversations

Users can now visualize trending charts for important network metrics for any Network Conversation.  

  • Whitelist Cyber Threats

In special cases, and organization may have requirements to whitelist cyber threats. With this new release, users have the option of doing that based on IP address, name, port, threat type, model, etc.  

  • GMT time included in CSV exports

With this new release, you can visualize the GMT time in the CSV exports from uObserve.

  • Trending tooltips in email alert notifications

With this new release, you can now visualize the actual values of the trending information in a tooltip. All you need to do is to hover the mouse over the specific bar in the trending chart in your email.

  • Consolidated configuration for subnet information 

With this new release, users can consolidate configuration for subnet information for remote site end user experience, subnet to routed traffic analysis and physical device tracking. The subnet can be set from the VIC configuration within the settings menu. Once complete, you can import the pre-configured information into subnet configuration and end-user experience settings.

  • Hierarchy Threshold by VM settings

With this new release, users can set thresholds for the filtered entities. 

 Please get in touch if you’d like to see a demo or run a complimentary trial of Uila’s solution with these new features.
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