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What's new in Uila uObserve 5.1?

December 07, 2022

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest release v5.1 for the Uila uObserve solution. Here are a few highlights of the new features in the release:

  • Trending charts in Log Analysis

With Uila uObserve, you can now visualize trends for the logs collected by uObserve for your applications, servers, networking equipment, etc. using the time slider on the top of screen. The time slider shows the number of logs collected during the selected time period for the filtering/search rule options selected in the table below. Users also have access to donut charts to visualize logged servers, windows event count vs agent-based log count, module log counts, windows event log counts, etc.

  • Nvidia GPU Analysis

uObserve now provides intelligent NVIDIA GPU metrics using the NVIDIA System Management Interface (NVSMI) to allow desktops teams to provide the maximized performance for GPU-enabled virtual desktops. With this update, desktop teams can now enable their hybrid virtual desktop enabled workforce with optimized performance, similar to GPU-enabled desktops.

Uila’s new GPU monitoring capability allows users to tap into critical GPU insights like VM-level Peak GPU usage, frame buffer, GPU decoder/encoder usage, memory usage, etc. for the individual user sessions. It also provides host level trending metrics like GPU ID, driver version, number of user sessions using GPU, frame buffer, GPU decoder/encoder, peak/average GPU & memory usage. Also, desktop teams can schedule a user-friendly GPU usage report to be delivered to them at a time of their convenience. 

  • Server uptime CSV report

Users can now generate the Server uptime report in the CSV format and schedule it for auto-delivery.

  • Visualization of raw logs in log analysis

Users can now visualize raw logs in the log analysis table.

  • Download CSV for log analysis

Users can now download a CSV with all the logs that are captured by uObserve.

  • Page number selection for log analysis

Users can now click on specific page numbers for viewing the logs in uObserve.

  • Disable continuous Network Device Discovery

Users have the option to disable continuous network device discovery, after the initial scan, by turning off the option in SettingsDevice MonitoringNetwork Device Discovery.

  •  Process level monitoring now use powershell instead of DCOM

Users can enjoy the same powerful process level monitoring capabilities as before, but it is now based on powershell instead of DCOM.

  • Transaction analysis CSV export with Client/Server column separation

The transaction analysis CSV report now separates out the server and client column into 3 different columns (Name, IP and Port).

  • Exporting of Horizon session data

Horizon VDI session data can now be exported in the CSV and PDF format.

 Please get in touch if you’d like to see a demo or run a complimentary trial of Uila’s solution with these new features.

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