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Top 3 considerations for monitoring Application Performance

April 14, 2020

In today’s blog, I wanted to talk about the top 3 things that you, as an IT staff member, must care about when monitoring and resolving any problems with your business-critical applications.

The very first point is around the data that you see or monitor in your deployment. Is that based on data, that is the most accurate as well in real time? If not, then what can you do? You can get accurate and real-time data with a monitoring tool that can actually see the packets and base its analysis on those packets…and we all know packets don’t lie. So, a tool that does Deep Packet Inspection will play a critical role here, so that for any troubleshooting you perform, it is always based on reliable information.

Next is being able to monitor all the applications that are out there. Once again, the benefit of this to you, is that it provides a ubiquitous or universal monitoring of everything that exists in your environment. As an IT staff member, you have the responsibility of monitoring your business-critical applications, plus applications like SaaS applications that are being used by a particular Line of Business or department within your organization. And then there are the 3rd party applications. So being able to monitor all applications is key. Some users get misled down the path of agent-based application monitoring solutions, but they struggle with the 3rd party and SaaS applications. Also, for instrumenting the business-critical applications, they need approvals from application owners. So once again you need a tool that provides the convenience of a simple rollout and also universal monitoring of everything you are directly or indirectly responsible for.

 The last thing that I think is critical for IT teams, is the ability for you to know details about the applications in use. Imagine trying to figure that out manually, based on anecdotal data from other people or looking at port numbers. It is just not scalable, and not accurate and will consume a lot of time. Once again, you need a convenient solution that provides you with the time savings and accuracy in terms of what is running in your environment. So, look for a tool that provides that application-centric view or direct classification for the apps.

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