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VDI Tips and Tricks for Desktop Professionals #3: Network Monitoring

April 01, 2022

Network Performance of the entire ecosystem is often ignored, when troubleshooting VDI problems. But the sheer fact that VDI runs over the network, must force every VDI administrator to not ignore it. Any network connection disruption or weak connectivity can significantly impact desktop performance, especially those graphics-intense or other high content processing applications.

Networking problems can range from:

    Issues in the virtual environment within the Data Center, where all the VDI Desktop VMs or VDI Management components are housed;Physical Network Equipment disruptions both inside and outside the Data Center;Slow WAN links and challenges with network equipment for remote clients;Common Network issues such as DNS failures;Others...

In the virtual environment, there could be bottlenecks anywhere within the virtual network chain. It could be due to packet drops or retries or congestion challenges at the VDI Desktop VM level OR could be at the Host level OR could be at the Distributed vSwitch level. All of this could slow down or break the access to the VDI Desktop. Also the Top of the Rack physical switch to which the VDI Desktop VM is connected, could be plagued with congestion issues or physical ethernet cable issues. 

For remote locations there are similar physical networking equipment challenges of congestion or cabling issues, plus a slow WAN link between the client and the Data Center, can create unacceptable scenarios for desktop access.

Uila networking

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