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Why is East-West NetworkTraffic Monitoring important?

September 27, 2021

Hello everyone. One of the common questions we get from users is around monitoring the lateral movement of network traffic within the Data Center, which is basically in the east-west direction. Traditionally IT teams have been more focused on monitoring north-south traffic for security challenges that may exist in the environment. IN a recent survey that was conducted by Uila, 4 out of 5 IT network folks told us that they are either not monitoring east-west traffic or only do that sometimes.

uila survey

This is a big issue, as you know this is not only important for performance monitoring, but also for cyber threat detection. On the Performance side, you do want to know as part of the multi-tier architecture, how the traffic is flowing between the dependencies. So that when a problem occurs, you know which asset is the main contributor to the outage or slowdown. Also, if you are planning to migrate to the cloud and the dependencies will span cloud boundaries in the future, you need to know the east-west traffic so that those dependencies continue after the migration and can also help in cost estimations of moving workloads to the cloud. 

uila network analysis

On the security side, the threat landscape has changed in the last couple of years with malwares moving in the east-west direction within the Data Center. They enter in the stealth mode, and then penetrate deeper within your environment by moving laterally and compromising as many devices as they can. To be able to identify these east-west movements in a timely manner is key to not only identify the threats early, but also get visibility into other critical business assets that maybe under threat from these attacks.

Network Analysis tools can be a very effective method to identify these lateral movements quickly, as they have complete visibility into all the packets and patterns in the environment. If the tool has an application-centric view, that is even better, as it helps networking teams focus on issues or applications that are critical to the organization.

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