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Engineering Office, 16 Cutler Street, Warren, RI


...a Lunch & Learn with Uila’s ‘Root Cause Detective’


Enjoy an informative and interactive lunch & learn with Uila’s ‘Root Cause Detective' to hear details of how Uila identifies root cause of a customer’s crucial data center performance issues with 1-click, x-ray vision.         


When: May 31st, Noon to 1pm

Where: PacketLogix Engineering Office, 16 Cutler Street, Warren, RI

Stump the Detective Prize: A $100 Amazon Gift Card for anyone who agrees to trial and stump the Detective!

How to Register: Email or call Laura at (401) 237-0023 

There will only be 15 slots, so please register early!


Uila Detective Log:

The adoption of data center virtualization has given organizations speed and flexibility in supporting and growing their businesses, but it has created multiple layers of obfuscation between applications and infrastructure, making it increasingly difficult for IT staff to identify root cause of performance issues. (you know, and wee-luh (uila) knows this all to​o​ well).

While individual applications provide excellent troubleshooting capabilities, they cannot pinpoint or focus on correlated components or issues with the full stack visibility needed to find the weak links across the entire data center. As a result, IT staff spend much of their time fighting fires while trying to identify root cause, jumping from one tool to another looking for information, and sitting in finger-pointing meetings.

Uila Detective to the Rescue:

Uila gives IT pros ‘x-ray vision’ via 360 degree, application-aware, infrastructure performance monitoring, dependency mapping, and 1-click root cause analysis that cuts resolution time from days to mere minutes. Uila’s analytics enable all IT ‘Detectives’ to make insightful decisions from applications, storage, network, infrastructure and end-user experience considerations – often preemptively. 

In this lunch & learn workshop, the ‘Root Cause Detective’ will share how Uila’s solution provides 1-click full stack visibility of root cause across applications and infrastructure from the perspective of a real-world Uila client. 

Register now by emailing or call Laura at (401) 237-0023

There will only be 15 slots, so please register early!

If you can’t join us on the 31st at PacketLogix Lunch & Learn in Rhode Island, we will be at VMUG Boston on June 1st, 2017 – Let’s connect!

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