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Uila Extends its Full-Stack Observability Solution with new Intelligent Automation

Santa Clara, California- (Nov 19,2021)- Uila Inc., the Full-Stack Observability company, today announced v4.5 with support for Automating IT Operations using Intelligent Alert-based triggers and Manual triggers, that provides complete control to IT teams in proactively preventing issues as well as streamlining problem resolution. With this new release, IT teams can improve on their efficiencies, and can now focus on mission-critical tasks or projects, instead of spending their time in constant fire-fighting mode to resolve disruptions.

Uila’s new release provides the ability to automatically allow responses to incidents that are impacting the performance and security of the On-premise or Cloud deployments. These actions include Power off VMs, Suspend VMs, Reset VMs, Power-On VMs, Updating VMware tools, Restart Guest OS, etc. This automated capability will help minimize the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), by resolving the issue automatically as or before they occur, instead of waiting for manual diagnosis and resolution of the problem. For Cyber threats, users can choose the remediation actions, to stop the threat and/or prevent its further proliferation within the environment. For users that like to review actions before they are executed, the same remediation actions can be triggered manually. For managing the ‘”Next Normal” of Hybrid Workers using VDI, Uila users will also have the capability to logoff any VMware Horizon VDI user or killing any unauthorized, non-compliant or resource intensive process running on a VDI desktop. 

“Just like the siloed nature of monitoring, automation tools have also been domain or technology-platform specific, which has made enforcement of remediations very disjointed. With Uila’s end-to-end visibility across the full-stack and also across on-premise and cloud environments, the IT teams are empowered with a more synchronized and efficient effort for problem resolution.” says Chia-Chee Kuan, CEO and Founder for Uila. “With this capability, Uila is delivering the speed for problem resolution that IT teams need, instead of just looking at Dashboards.” 

The new Remediation Actions capability can be purchased as an add-on module to the base Uila license. This new capability is available as part of Uila’s solution today. IT teams can put Uila’s new solution to the test by signing up for a complimentary trial from

About Uila 

Uila resolves Complex IT Disruptions for Enterprise Organizations with its Intelligent Full-Stack Observability Platform, that correlates Application and Infrastructure Performance to isolate and remediate issues before business impact. With Uila, IT teams can visualize application workload dependencies across cloud platforms, rightsize infrastructure resources, troubleshoot disruptions for any onsite or remote VDI user due to application/network/infrastructure challenges, plan workload migration strategies for Cloud deployments and use AIOps to streamline troubleshooting and reduce MTTR with remediation actions. And most importantly, this is done WITHOUT any agents. Uila also allows security teams to combat advanced cyber threats, by providing comprehensive application anomaly insights, cyber threats & Data Exfiltration activities. Organizations use Uila to align themselves with their IT teams and cut MTTR from days to minutes to always keep End-User Experience at peak performance & secure, across cloud boundaries.

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Dilip Advani
VP of Marketing & Customer Success  

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