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Uila announces industry-first Automated End-to-end Application-centric Mapping for Virtual Desktop deployments

Sunnyvale, California-(February 18, 2020-PRWeb)- Uila Inc., the Application-centric Performance & Cyber Threat Analytics company for the Hybrid Enterprise, today announced that it has extended its unique Application Dependency Mapping capabilities to automatically map out the entire Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from end-to-end for VMware Horizon® deployments. With this new v3.3 release, VDI and Desktop teams are now empowered with end-to-end visibility into the different tiers of the entire VDI environment, including thin clients, VDI desktops, as well as critical VDI infrastructure components such as the Connection server, Domain Controller, etc. With this new capability, users can now easily pinpoint bottlenecks in the dependency chain for the virtual desktop infrastructure and the business-critical applications that are being serviced by it.

“Traditionally enterprise organizations have struggled with troubleshooting VDI problems due to the lack of end-to-end visibility (virtual desktop to business applications) to troubleshoot complex VDI deployments. The desktop teams struggle with keeping up with the VDI interdependency as well as maintenance of the sheer growth of their VDI deployments, thus leading to slower and unacceptable timelines while manually mapping or troubleshooting any virtual desktop complaints”, says Chia-Chee Kuan, CEO and Founder for Uila. “With this industry-first automated approach, desktop teams are for the first time able to eliminate those tedious manual configuration/mapping tasks and able to pin-point the true reason for an outage or slowdown directly on the VDI application dependency map. With this Application-centric approach, teams also avoid the typical silo blame-game and focus on issues that matter to them and within their control.”

With this new update, Uila continues to maintain its industry leadership in the world of Application Dependency Mapping with its unmatched agentless, application-centric and automated approach. In earlier announcements, Uila extended its Network Traffic Analysis capabilities of monitoring Hybrid virtual traffic, with the addition of mapping those application outage or performance issues to congestion, discards or errors on physical networking equipment and also mapped out anomalous deviations in application behavior as part of a cyber threat that is moving laterally through the Data Center or Cloud deployment in stealth mode. In this release, Uila offers a host of features to detect investigate and respond to cyber threats monitoring in the Hybrid Enterprise:

This new capability is available as part of Uila’s solution today and Desktop teams can put this capability to the test by signing up for a complimentary trial from . 

About Uila

Uila provides Performance and Cyber Threat Analytics in a single pane of glass for the Hybrid Enterprise. With Uila, IT Operations teams can visualize application workload dependencies across cloud platforms, rightsize resources and investments for their workloads and plan workload migration strategies for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployments. Uila allows security teams to combat advanced cyber threats by providing immediate and comprehensive application-centric insight into lateral movement-based threats for the Hybrid Enterprise. Businesses use Uila to align themselves with their IT teams and cut time to resolution from days to minutes, keep their application at peak performance and secure at all times and ensure end-user satisfaction to the fullest across cloud boundaries.

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