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Uila expands Application Dependency Mapping with new Change Control Monitoring Capability

Santa Clara, California-(April 3, 2018-PRWeb)— Uila Inc., the Application-centric Infrastructure Monitoring & Analytics company, announced today the availability of the new version v1.30 of its monitoring solution that expands its unique Application Dependency Mapping capability with new change control monitoring. With the ever evolving data center, IT teams can now be on top of any changes that are occurring with the VMs, applications and the interdependencies that exist between them.


“Change is inevitable in this modern age of unpredictable evolution of IT workloads and technologies in the data center” says Chia-Chee Kuan, CEO and Founder for Uila,  “and our customers demand that they have visibility into any change in their environment as they roll out new services or products to build or retain their competitive business advantage.   They also want to make sure that there are no security issues, such as VMs disappearing or orphaned/dormant VMs springing back into action and talking to unknown VMs or external IP addresses.”


Uila’s Application Dependency Map allows IT teams to automatically build the topology map for their multi-tier applications, allowing them to now troubleshoot issues proactively at lightning speeds with full visibility into the dependencies across applications and infrastructure and viewing each application service performance by its response time and transaction load on the associated application servers. With the new release, Uila users can now create baselines on their Application Dependency Map for a given time period and compare it to any other given time period. With this change monitoring capability, they can now be on top of all changes in the applications, servers delivering those services and the interdependencies in the environment, including new entrants and exits. Simple visual indicators mark the missing inter-connections in comparison to the baseline and also the new entries.  


This release also allows users to export the results of the Application Dependency Map as an Excel sheet, which can be used by Migration or Disaster Recovery teams as they plan their strategies of moving workloads to a Hybrid Cloud environment or backup services. With this export, users can share the asset list of a given service of its servers/VMs (including their capacity information), the applications/protocols running on them and the various inter-dependencies that exist between all those entities.


Uila also offers an Application & Infrastructure Assessment program that is designed to provide an assessment of the health of the entire stack in your Data Center environment. This includes both the Application & the Infrastructure (Compute, Network & Storage).  Users can sign up for this free assessment from or visit our website at to learn more about the product.



About Uila

Uila with its Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring and Analytics identifies performance bottlenecks for business-critical services & plans Workload Migration strategies for Private & Hybrid Cloud environments. Uila provides service dependency mapping, full stack correlation with 1-click root cause analysis and patented deep packet inspection technology that understands over 3,000 application protocols for transactional meta data analysis. Businesses use Uila to align themselves with their IT Operations team and cut time to resolution from days to minutes, keep their application at peak performance at all time and ensure end-user satisfaction to the fullest.

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