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New Log Analysis in Uila uObserve extends intelligent full-stack observability for Multi-Cloud deployments

Santa Clara, California- (August 10 ,2022)- Uila Inc., the Full-Stack Observability company, today announced that its Observability Platform, uObserveTM is now provides intelligent log analysis for Multi-Cloud environments. With this latest update, Uila users get instant and automated access to out-of-box correlated and contextualized logs from multiple systems and applications.

Uila’s new log analysis capability, which is part of its new logging module provides access to logs from multiple systems including Windows (Event and Active Directory), IIS servers, Zscaler, Cisco, Barracuda, F5, Checkpoint, Juniper, etc. and applications like Microsoft SQL server, VMware Horizon, IBM MQ, Oracle, Office 365, and much more. Users are also empowered with Contextualized querying and filtering within those logs for accelerated troubleshooting and infrastructure management. Pre-built search profiles for the most common user challenges make isolation and troubleshooting of the issues even simpler.

 “With this introduction, we are proud to provide the much needed correlated full-stack observability based on combined metric, tracing using our application dependency mapping and application transaction analysis and logging capability.” says Chia-Chee Kuan, CEO and Founder for Uila. “These three pillars of Uila’s Observability capability will not only assist infrastructure teams solve any complex disruption, but also help security teams protect critical data and infrastructure from emerging cyberthreats. With the logging capability, our users can dig in deeper into not only the systems, but more importantly peel the onion on the application itself to identify issues that are not easily detectable and correlate it to the end-user disruption. Also, this was further validated in a recent poll conducted by Uila, where 100% of the respondents from enterprise organizations said that logging was very important or somewhat important to them.” 

This new scripting functionality is available as part of Uila uObserve’s version 5.0 today. Security & Infrastructure teams can put Uila’s new solution to the test by signing up for a complimentary trial from

You can also stop by Uila’s booth #1810 at the VMware Explore event starting August 29, 2022, in San Francisco to chat with the Uila team and get a live demo for log analysis.

About Uila 

Uila resolves Complex IT Disruptions for Enterprise Organizations with its Intelligent Full-Stack Observability Platform, that correlates Application and Infrastructure Performance to isolate and remediate issues before business impact. With Uila, IT teams can visualize application workload dependencies across cloud platforms, rightsize infrastructure resources, troubleshoot disruptions for any onsite or remote VDI user due to application/network/infrastructure challenges, plan workload migration strategies for Cloud deployments and use AIOps to streamline troubleshooting and reduce MTTR with remediation actions. And most importantly, this is done WITHOUT any agents. Uila also allows security teams to combat advanced cyber threats, by providing comprehensive application anomaly insights, cyber threats & Data Exfiltration activities. Organizations use Uila to align themselves with their IT teams and cut MTTR from days to minutes to always keep End-User Experience at peak performance & secure, across cloud boundaries.

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Dilip Advani
VP of Marketing & Customer Success  

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