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Deal Registration

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Uila Deal Registration Terms & Conditions
  • The opportunity is for direct Uila partners/resellers only.
  • The opportunity is not registered by another Partner
  • Before registering a deal, the Partner has made significant pre-sales efforts related to the deal, such as meeting with the decision-makers, qualifying the opportunity, helping the customer to quantify the project budget with Uila products or services, and helping the customer to define the project requirements to include Uila products or services.
  • Registration Process: a. Partner must submit deal for review via the deal registration form here. The first Partner to submit a deal that meets all of the opportunity eligibility criteria specified above will be approved for that customer opportunity.
  • If a deal is approved, Uila will notify the Partner by e-mail.
  • If a deal is declined, Uila will notify the Partner by e-mail, and will include the reasons for such decision.
  • If an opportunity is approved, the Deal will be protected for three months from the date of approval, and if a material change to the solution is proposed, then Partner must submit a new registration for the opportunity.
  • Disputes: Partners must submit any disputes, whether with Uila or another Partner, arising from this deal registration program to

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