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To get a list of Uila partners in the United States (USA), please complete the form below and we will contact you with information on a partner near you. You can also choose to send an email to to get the list of approved partners based on your location.


EQIT was founded in April of 1997.  In recognition of the network as a mission-critical business asset, EQIT has been engaged in providing solutions and services of network troubleshooting and network security, to help IT professionals eliminate network security threats and optimize the performance of their network environments.



Through innovative products and technology, Bitrate provides solutions to the IT industry focusing on various aspects around Monitoring, IT Management and Security. Bitrate's mission is to become the “Leading Supplier of Network Analysis and Maintenance equipment” in South Africa, by supplying state of the art products and training our customers, in the use of the products and to search for new technologies, employ quality staff, and believing in focusing on customer satisfaction at all times.


Bynet Electronics provides Network Testing solutions, Cyber Security and Network Performance Monitoring over 25 years. Their experts are working behind the scenes to ensure the best Quality of Experience (QOE) & Quality of Service (QOS) next to professional services consulting, implementation and support.

Sri Lanka & Maldives

Connex is a leading IT solutions distributor, helping businesses to achieve information technology requirements throughour cutting-edge system provisioning, assimilation and consultation. They deliver a host of IT infrastructure solutions and products for industries across Sri Lanka and Maldives.   


Darultek provides network monitoring and testing solutions to Enterprise, Telco, Education and Government Agencies.

Hong Kong

Delta strives to deliver solution of portable cable testing, network analyzing, server-based visibility and performance management.


Elexo is a distributor of high technology electronic equipment in areas such as test and measurement, rugged PC, tablet and PDA, IP network and telecom test equipment, RF and microwave components and sub-systems. Elexo is part of Bull Group Security Solution Division.


Future Point Technologies (FPT) is a trusted IT System Integrator in Pakistan. Founded in 2013 by a team of keen individuals with an extraordinarily flawless vision of the future, FPT is a master provider of a wide range of IT Business Solutions, Management Solutions and Managed Services to cater to the ever-changing IT and business needs of the region. With the most complete portfolio in the industry, under a single hallmark. FPT attributes its success to the team of polished professionals, world class partners, the company’s collective technical knowledge and experience. The company promises to achieve beyond horizons by continuously delivering efficient solutions coupled with exceptional quality and innovation. FPT is the stop solution when it comes to your networking, software, telecom, wireless, security and many other IT needs.


Global Asia Sinergi (GAS) is a specialised IT Service Management & Software Distribution company based in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Their mission is to provide software solutions that help IT Professionals to take out complexity of IT, because they know the success of your business depends upon managing IT more effectively, efficiently and securely.​ Their team is composed of highly talented individuals who love to help businesses in simplifying their IT processes.  They provide and deliver solutions to automate IT Systems, provide visibility of network operations and applications, ensuring customers can effectively and reliably managing IT in their business.



Highsource provides data center IT services for enterprises in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China mainland and the some other major cities all over the world. We focus on design and construction of IT infrastructure, IT system and performance optimization, maintenance and business continuity, cloud consulting and migration implementation. With over 10 years of experience, we have helped over 500 clients to ensure the operation of the business system safely, smoothly and continuously. Meanwhile, we aim at enhancing your overall efficiency by innovative solutions offering to meet prevalent and growing IT business requirements.


South Korea

Interconware Inc. was established in September 2000 and specialized in infrastructure performance management. As technology advances, the distinction between physical and virtual becomes blur and Interconware has beenrapidly adapting to the change and introducing Uila to Korea to gain full visibility to the invisible virtual environment. Interconware has more than 400 customers of Education, Government and Enterprise market including Samsung Group and LG Group.

United Kingdom

Iris Networks are a leading UK VAR specialising in helping clients design, deploy, secure and troubleshoot the core, edge and mobile infrastructure of your network.


With a name what says all about “to see ” Mboneni Teledata has been specializing in visualizing the world of  digital darkness. To know (and to see) what is happening in the digital world, has always been a challenge. Being it in a server, network or application environment. The IP-world has grown to every level of our daily existence.  Mboneni Teledata has been involved to help solve their customers challenges for the last 12 years, include mining, financial and banking, system integrators, security industry, universities and governments and many others. Aligning with solutions and products that can help in opening up the unknown world of codes and electronic impulses. By seeing and understanding challenges, it is easy to get to the point of analyzing and solving of problems. The nut has always been there, but to crack that shell without the tools and knowledge, will make it very difficult, if not impossible.  Mboneni Teledata brings trusted solutions and skills to the table.


NETCOR is a leading Value Added Reseller for IT Performance analysis and network troubleshooting solutions. NETCOR offers technology leading solutions for sustainable IT monitoring solutions to assess the IT quality and their impact on the business activities.

France,Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Belgium and Spain

Netmetrix Group have been founded by experts in the field of network and application monitoring and performance analysis sharing a common business vision and common personal values. Netmetrix Group operates across EMEA and has direct presence in Spain and France.​ Netmetrix helps any organization to control, secure, optimize and operate its digital  virtual and hybrid infrastructures by providing integrated solutions for testing, visibility, monitoring, automation and service assurance.

United Kingdom

NV-Tech Ltd an established reseller of multivendor hardware and software solutions, offering world-class technologies to compliment SMB straight through to high-end corporations. Our portfolio of products and services add value to our client’s existing IT environment, ensuring their business performs efficiently and cost effectively.


Pro-Datech Systems Pte Ltd, established in Singapore since 2003, is a strategic partner and service provider specializing in a complete range of I.T services and is always at the fore front of technologies. We are renowned for our deep technical expertise, and amassed a wealth of domain knowledge and experience undertaking large scale and turnkey projects with leading-edge technologies.

Slovakia, Czech Republic

PROFiber Networking s.r.o. was established in 2007 as a spin-off of the Division of Fiber Optics from a former company in which it has been active since 1992. PROFiber Networking s.r.o. is a flexible project management to customer satisfaction, as a dynamic ICT business demand. The company has gained respect in a short time and has established its position as an important supplier of edge technology, test and service equipment and as a provider of complex services and know-how. The company's activities are focused on end-users as well as on business partners and resellers.


PT. Siwali Swantika was founded in late 1998 and we have been growing fast continuously. We provide test measurement solution, inspection, repair and calibration services. We have been establishing partnership with various famous test measurement manufacturers from Industrial Measurement Test Tools, Simple Network Cable Tester up to Application Performance Network Monitoring to provide the best solutions to our customers.



TOYO has been providing researchers and developers in Japan with cutting-edge “measuring tools” imported from overseas with the keywords “technology and information” in mind to contribute to the technological development in Japan since its foundation in 1953. Our various efforts - support services, the development of its own products, and the seminars and training held at its Technology Interface Center.

Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg

TrueCom has been active in the field of performance management, trouble shooting, fiber optics, wireless communication technology and special automation systems since the late 1980s. They work in the entire BeNeLux region. They deliver an up-to-date product portfolio of leading international technology partners. This delivery program is complemented by highly innovative and sometimes not everyday solutions for customers who want to have a head start on their competition. TrueCom works for both small and large organizations and maintains intensive partnerships with prominent service providers who place the highest demands on their network equipment. They strive for high quality and a very good service. From this perspective, many companies and institutions have already opted for their solutions and services. As an independently operating organization, they also have our own service department that provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan

Waseela is an ISO certified contemporary Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Company that delivers integrated solutions and services. Waseela was founded in 2007 and since then it has been contributing to the ICT and Telecom industry in the Middle East region through its continuously expanding team of highly qualified engineers and specialists. Waseela has developed and optimized its internal engineering and operational capabilities to deliver turnkey end-to-end ICT projects to telecom service providers, mega construction contractors, government organizations and large enterprises.

Waseela is a subsidiary of Dar Al Hai General Trading & Investment Group; Dar Al Hai Group has international business operations in the fields of ICT, Heavy Machinery, Vehicles, Energy and Real Estate with average annual turnover of more than USD 500 million. Waseela currently has offices, branches and subsidiaries across the Middle East Region.


Wuhan Permanent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2009, and specialized in marketing, sales, import, technology training, product maintenance of network analysis/monitoring equipment and network traffic data acquisition equipment. We apply ourselves to popularization and application of network traffic data acquisition and network monitoring products all along, and we have many successes in the business with military industry, government, research institute, university, communication operator, banking, finance and so on. 

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