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Analyst Quotes

Businesses today need to shift to an application-centric IT to meet the needs of both digital transformation and the expectations of end-users. An application-centric hybrid cloud needs an application-centric systems management solution to get the most out of the entire application stack. Uila has developed an application-centric monitoring and analytics solution that gives an integrated, end-to-end view, from end-user performance to infrastructure operations. 

Edwin Yuen, Analyst from ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group)

Application performance troubleshooting sessions between applications and infrastructure teams often devolve into finger-pointing and frustration because nobody can see the whole picture. Uila eliminates this because it makes it obvious where the problem is.

Dan Twing, President and COO of Enterprise Management Associates

Uila stands out by focusing on providing a level of visibility into data center operations that is not available with the existing tools in the segment.

Edwin Yuen, Analyst from ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group)

There’s clearly a gap between application, virtualization, and infrastructure management teams, and this prevents rapid remediation of application performance issues. Uila gives infrastructure and virtualization teams the application performance visibility they need to rapidly pinpoint and fix problems.

Mike Fratto, Principal Analyst at Current Analysis

Virtualized infrastructures make it difficult to see the underlying causes of performance issues, and there’s definitely a gap between infrastructure and application management teams. Uila is unique in its ability to offer a comprehensive view of application performance that’s holistic across the full stack.

Steve Hendrick, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy group

More and more, IT organizations have to do a better job of getting a 360-degree perspective on how their infrastructure is impacting applications. Uila helps organizations meet this challenge by offering drill-down visualization and analytics from the application to the underlying infrastructure.

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies

Application performance management tools focus on the integrity of custom application code, so they don’t provide insights into the underlying hardware causes of poor performance. Uila allows infrastructure management teams to visualize application performance and drill down to the hardware level to see where performance issues lie.

John Burke, CIO and Principal Analyst at Nemertes Research

Companies have invested in tools and processes to gain better application visibility, but trends toward virtualization and hyper-convergence are making it more and more difficult. Uila brings true application visibility and root cause analysis to infrastructure teams so they can optimize application performance.

Jim Metzler, Founder and Vice President of Ashton Metzler & Associates

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