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Customer Testimonials

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Harris County with Uila solved their Application & Infrastructure problems 30% faster.

Mark Martinez, Assistant Director - Information Technology at Harris County

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Whenever there’s a performance issue now, we can go in to Uila and it’s much easier to find out why.

James Oryszczyn, Director of Security & Network Services

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As a world-class high-availability IT service provider, GDS is held in high esteem by its customers. Uila has provided us with the tools to improve those satisfaction levels, while at the same time improving our operational efficiency


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Our customer had not seen such high information density combined with such intuitive usability in any other tools. The informative presentation of the correlated information has also convinced him. Alternative solutions evaluated by the customer could not deliver a similar user-friendly output - and they were also more expensive.

Jos Root, Netcor (supporting the insurance customer)

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Uila has demonstrated that even with a small IT team and a heavily virtualized infrastructure, it is possible to rapidly resolve application performance issues and proactively optimize member facing systems.


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Uila has provided us with the tools to maintain or exceed those service levels, while also giving us the capabilities to proactively tune our applications and determine the optimal system upgrades.

Mike Johnson, Director of IT, CPP

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Uila went from being a need, to a pilot, to a critical piece of our virtualized infrastructure in a matter of weeks by providing a “single pane of glass” view into our heavily virtualized Data Center and the system correlation to rapidly determine the root cause of problems.

Jim Root, Chief Information Officer, Lake Emergency Medical Services

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