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Customer Testimonials

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"Uila's ability for virtual environment visibility is something I have not seen in any other product"

Henry Mayorga, CSO and VP of Infrastructure, Baron Capital

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"We were able to trace back all the conversation flows, and identify problems that we didn't even know existed in our environment that was dragging us down."

Brandon Morris, Lead System Administrator, City of Sioux Falls

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"We can take proactive steps using Uila to mitigate issues, whereas before we just have to wait for that magical call."

Art Piwcio, Director of Infrastructure & Applications, Security Central

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"In 1 second we were able to tell the Application guys, that there is nothing wrong with the Infrastructure...I was able to tell them which server, which port had the issue and they were able to go to the application provider to resolve the issue."

Snir Hoffman, Migdal Group

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"We have been able to solve all the complaints that have been directed towards my team for infrastructure driven application complaints."-Mark Martinez, IT Director

Mark Martinez, Assistant Director - Information Technology at Harris County

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Whenever there’s a performance issue now, we can go in to Uila and it’s much easier to find out why.

James Oryszczyn, Director of Security & Network Services

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Uila has provided us with the tools to maintain or exceed those service levels, while also giving us the capabilities to proactively tune our applications and determine the optimal system upgrades.

Mike Johnson, Director of IT, The Myers-Briggs Company

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"It has been a great product. It has helped us find and resolve some performance issues. Check it a few times a day, and if everything is green, move on with your day. You can easily see where you are having an issue, or may have an issue. It gives you the dependencies that are or may be impacted and what it is talking to." 

Barak Reese, System Administrator, Wurth Industry

" The product was well thought out and fairly intuitive. We are very pleased with this product and what it does for us. Being able to see traffic source, Destination and path in real time . Very easy to use and drill down to the problem"

Neal Moss, Systems and Network Engineer, BYU Hawaii

"It is very high-end monitoring system with a very cheap price comparing to existing product in the market like Solarwinds."

ShuChung Chang, Director of IT, Bay Area Community Health

"Our overall experience with Uila has been great! We purchased Uila to provide us with a deeper view into what's happening in our virtual datacenter. So far there haven't been any big issues we've needed to use Uila to resolve, but knowing that it's there keeping an eye on things for us is a comfort. Uila has been awesome to work with, and the way they take customer feedback and integrate it into their offering is fantastic!
The ability to see areas where there may be issues at a glance. Uila easily lets you dig in to get more details and really see what's happening in your environment."

Carl Jaspersohn, Associate Director of Technical Infrastructure, Boston Architectural College

As a world-class high-availability IT service provider, GDS is held in high esteem by its customers. Uila has provided us with the tools to improve those satisfaction levels, while at the same time improving our operational efficiency


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Uila went from being a need, to a pilot, to a critical piece of our virtualized infrastructure in a matter of weeks by providing a “single pane of glass” view into our heavily virtualized Data Center and the system correlation to rapidly determine the root cause of problems.

Jim Root, Chief Information Officer, Lake Emergency Medical Services

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Uila has demonstrated that even with a small IT team and a heavily virtualized infrastructure, it is possible to rapidly resolve application performance issues and proactively optimize member facing systems.


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Our customer had not seen such high information density combined with such intuitive usability in any other tools. The informative presentation of the correlated information has also convinced him. Alternative solutions evaluated by the customer could not deliver a similar user-friendly output - and they were also more expensive.

Jos Root, Netcor (supporting the insurance customer)

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