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Agentless Full-Stack Rapid Performance Visibility & Intelligence
Automatically discover Applications and their Dependencies on the Virtualization & Infrastructure layers
    • Covers the silos vertically, from application through virtualization to thephysical infrastructure, and horizontally (compute, storage & networking at virtual & physical layers) 
    • Application-to-infrastructure dependencies to provide a complete understanding of how the infrastructure relates to applications
    • Identify Root cause of performance issues anywhere in the stack with end-to-end dependencies and the specific condition of each infrastructure component 
  • Application performance monitoring that constantly tracks response time and service levels to identify bottlenecks and issues

    How traffic flows through the datacenter with end-to-end visibility of traffic from the user to the infrastructure to help identify irregularities

    Monitor performance from the end-user’s perspective all the way back through to the datacenter to identify issues before they impact the end-user
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Application-Centric Cyber Threat Detection
Identify Lateral Movement of Malicious Cyber Threats
  • Find Known and Unknown Threats with Real-time Application-centric Signature & Anomaly-based Threat Identification for all business-critical resources

    Network Security Traffic Analytics and Protect workloads in multi-cloud environments

    Comprehensive visibility into attacks and traffic that are moving laterally (east-west) 

    Identify and classify normal network traffic and application behavior and highlight anomalous traffic and dependencies

    Automatically Identify Applications
    and understand their behaviors

  • Visualize deviation (unauthorized VMs/connections/external internet connections) from baseline security policy

    Deep Application Transaction, Network Traffic Analysis & Infrastructure Impact
    at every phase (Before/During/After Incident)

    Map Outbound Traffic from your Data Center to the Internet to reduce risk associated with general Internet connectivity.

    Go beyond simple packet saving with Context-Aware Visibility of an Attack Lifecycle.

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Multi-Cloud Monitoring and Optimization
Single pane of glass to monitor across Private and Public Clouds
  • End-to-end visibility into  VMware, Microsoft Hyper-v based environments, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other Cloud Provider deployments in a single console

    Identify Root cause of performance issues for workloads spanning multiple clouds and reduce MTTR with end-to-end dependencies and the specific condition of each infrastructure, application or cloud instance component

    Dependency Mapping of applications, infrastructure, cloud components, external devices and their relationships in a single pane of glass
  • Visualize under-provisioned hosts or instances leading to application performance issues with visibility across on-premises and public cloud infrastructure

    Visualize money left on the table and wasted spend with over-provisioned cloud assets across multiple cloud providers

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Infrastructure Performance Monitoring
Insightful Analytics & Visualization of Infrastructure Bottleneck on Application Performance
  • Support for modern infrastructure including hyper-converged, software defined storage and networking

    Virtualized and physical server monitoring with OS process level details helps quickly pinpoint issues within the infrastructure

  • Deep Analysis for Compute (CPU and Memory) resources and visualize their impact on Application Performance

    View the entire storage stack all the way from the data store to the performance relating to storage of applications running on VMs. 

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Application Performance Monitoring
Actionable Application Intelligence and Analysis
  • Application auto-discovery for over 3000 applications with deep packet inspection

    Application performance response time and service levels are tracked constantly to identify bottlenecks and issues

    Service availability monitoring alerts IT teams to service disruptions immediately

  • Application transaction metadata tracks query, response and volume information for deeper investigation into application internals (MSSQL, HTTP, DNS, MY SQL, Oracle)

    Application dependency mapping 
    generates an intuitive topology map for multi-tier application insights for reducing MTTR

    Application dependency and topology mapping provides critical insight for defining Migration & Disaster recovery Strategies

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Network Performance Monitoring
Map network devices dependencies and performance
  • Network Device Monitoring pinpoints the performance bottleneck down to the network port (unavailable, congestion, errors) that is impacting the performance of a multi-tier application
  • Network flow analysis reveals network issues and stress impacting application servers

    East-west network traffic analysis eliminates monitoring blind spots, and lets IT teams see traffic between VMs
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Migrations (Hybrid Cloud & other Data Centers)
Manage your Cloud Migration Journey
  • Intuitive Application services inventory map & current performance baseline to ensure successful migrations for multi-tier applications.

    Visualize Application, Services, Interdependencies and Topology map to understand all dependencies & Identify your Technical Debt before migration.

  • Comprehensive Historical Trends for Resource Provisioning and Usage, including CPU (cores, Ghz), Memory (Gb) & Storage (Capacity, IOPS, Latencies)

    Identify Network interconnections and know existing throughput and network drops/errors
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Triage Service Outages & Poor Performance Issues
Reduce Identification of issues & MTTR from Days to Minutes
  • Intuitive dashboard gives IT teams 1-click access to root cause of business service outages or performance degradations

    Exonerate the infrastructure with correlated full-stack evidence and avoid time-consuming and stressful fingerpointing

  • Application-to-infrastructure correlation bridges the IT troubleshooting gap

    Infrastructure and application health visualization shines a spotlight on bottlenecks that are affecting application performance
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End-User Business Service Assurance
Identify and Fix End-user Problems Before any Impact
  • End user response time tracking proactively alerts IT to service degradation from the user's perspective

    Response time analysis breaks down delays by the server, network, storage, application and clients

  • Site-by-site and client-by-client analysis isolates and correlates user issues to the real root cause, thus speeding up troubleshooting time
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Simple to Setup & Easy to Use
Scalable Architecture for organizations of any size
  • Uila solution is available in Self-hosted or Managed cloud deployment (Saas) options. 

    Uila's architecture is highly scalable with its Virtual Smart Tap (vST) deployed in a distributed manner across the data center as a Virtual Machine on the Hypervisor. Totally Agentless allowing to see you data in minutes.

  • With Uila, users can enjoy multi-tenant and RBAC options for granular access controls to data.
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