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In today’s environment, IT teams are asked to “do more with less” and manage the new norm of remote or dispersed workers. In this situation like never before, VDI is on the forefront of meeting the critical needs of your organization. But you may realize that there are multiple aspects that can make your VDI deployment very fragile.  Do you need visibility into your VDI user sessions & what applications are they using? Is their performance at the desired level, both during login and ongoing basis? Can you figure out the root cause for the slowdown? Which team should be troubleshooting the issue? Can you optimize the infrastructure investment and co-locate servers and applications?

In this session, you will be getting answers to all those questions, as we will be discussing a unique agentless approach to total end-to-end visibility for monitoring, resolving and optimizing the VMware Horizon VDI deployment. You will get insights into use cases on solving slow login issues, resource right-sizing optimization, and isolation of bottlenecks from end-to-end and across the entire stack (user, application, infrastructure, network).

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