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Uila Webinar: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Application Problems in a Multi-Cloud environment

Topic: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Application Problems in a Multi-Cloud environment

You may be implementing a Multi-Cloud Strategy for a number of reasons, ranging from preventing single vendor lock-in, redundancy planning, cloud bursting, privacy regulations, or optimizing cloud costs.

But are you planning this complex strategy efficiently right from the initial planning of workload migration by understanding all the application dependencies? 

Do you have a complete picture of the health of the entire cloud infrastructure to guarantee that any source of poor application performance anywhere in the dependency chain does not go unnoticed?

Are you rightsizing your infrastructure and cloud resource investment, so that you are not leaving any money at the table by over-provisioning?

In this webinar, we talk about how to use Uila to:

  • Monitor across private data centers and public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Visualize application dependencies that span cloud boundaries
  • Isolate and troubleshoot bottlenecks at any place in the multi-cloud dependency chain
  • Rightsizing your cloud resources to optimize application performance as well as your investment.

This webinar is part of our public monthly series of technical demonstrations/discussions designed to give you and your peers in the industry a deeper dive into Uila and how its Application-Centric Monitoring and Analytics identifies performance bottlenecks for business-critical services & plans Workload Migration strategies for Multi-Cloud environments. 

Each session begins with a 5-minute general overview of Uila , followed up by a hands-on demonstration of some of the more popular features of Uila and ending with a Q&A session with the entire audience. 

Note: Add to your safe sender's list to make sure you don't miss the webex confirmation and recording email. 

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