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Data Center Consolidation

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New wave of Data Center Consolidations Allowing Reallocation of Investment to Business Drivers

    In the last couple of years, technologists and business owners have been focused on finding opportunities in cost savings and efficiencies by reducing the IT footprint, and enterprise data center consolidation has been one of the leading vehicle for executing that need. This may call for migrating IT footprint from multiple data centers to a single data center, migration to the public cloud or move to a hyper-converged architecture to cost effectively manage and scale.

    Savings in costs and efficiencies with this effort are enabled by:
  • Reduction of diversity and complexity in the data center
  • Consolidation of facility maintenance and utilities
  • Reduction in real-estate costs
  • Reduction of CAPEX and OPEX costs with economies of scale
  • Improved Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • Comparatively stronger IT security mechanisms with consolidated updates, reduced points of entries and exits, consolidated security monitoring efforts, etc.
  • Simplified Auditing and compliance checks and adherence
  • Centralized Infrastructure and Application Management

    Even though the benefits are well understood, it is important for organizations to understand that there may be many challenges along the way that could come in the way of the effort being smooth and on-schedule, such as, costs being higher that previously planned, performance challenges with the data center being far away from the customer, misalignment in expectations between the technical and business requirements, security and compliance concerns when moving to the cloud, and many more.

Reduce CapEx and OpEx by getting more out of existing Infrastructure

  • Manage your mandates to reduce expenses by allowing IT teams to get the data they need to optimize application performance with the existing datacenter infrastructure with clear visibility into future infrastructure needs, based on existing bottlenecks and hotspots. All at the same time as maintaining the best user experience.

  • Full visibility into current workload performance and ones that are making the greatest demands on system resources, and compare that with your business objectives.

  • Analytics across the entire application and infrastructure stack finds underutilized resources and even unused infrastructure software licenses. This allows you to be more strategic and selective when it comes time to upgrade infrastructure.

Baseline Data Center Performance Before and After Consolidation

  • Baseline Application performance before the consolidation effort by monitoring the entire dependency chain for the multi-tier application. Visualize performance based on Application Response Time and correlate it to assigned infrastructure resources to plan for future resource allocations.

  • Baseline Application performance after the consolidation for the multi-tier application to validate desired performance improvements, but more importanly application availability.

Perform Accurate and Fast Pre-Migration Assessments to Plan your Data Center Consolidations

  • Plan customer's Workload migration strategy from Private to Hybrid Cloud or between Data Centers with deep insights into current application usage and their dependencies.

  • Intuitive Application services inventory map and current performance baseline to ensure successful migrations for multi-tier applications.

  • Visualize Application, Services, Interdependencies and Topology map to understand all dependencies & Identify your Technical Debt before migration.

  • Comprehensive Resource Provisioning and Usage, including CPU (cores, Ghz), Memory (Gb) & Storage (Capacity, IOPS, Latencies)

Automatically Discover & Document Application & Server Dependencies before Consolidation

  • In-depth understanding of the assets in the data center and their interdependencies before any consolidation effort.

  • Reduced Time to Value with automatic discovery of the topology map for multi-tier applications.

  • No manual updates or interventions needed to build the Dependency mapping. Install Uila, and we will build the maps automatically.

  • Key Performance Indicators such as Application Response Time, Transaction Volume, packets, etc. for every application discovered.


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