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Kubernetes Observability

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Application-Centric Kubernetes Observability

  • Automated Application-centric Kubernetes Observability for infrastructure and application teams to rapidly identify and resolve operational complexities.

  • Unparalleled insights into end-to-end workload dependencies that exist across containerized infrastructure and existing VM infrastructure.

  • Identify most common Kubernetes issues impacting application performance, including failing pods, pod evictions due to resources, crash errors, etc.

In depth Topology and Metrics

  • Up-to-date container topology for Kubernetes-orchestrated microservice applications with automated & dynamic Application Dependency Mapping.

  • Real-time discovery metrics across every microservice, pod, cluster and node for faster troubleshooting and resource management/provisioning.

  • Single click root-cause analysis to resolve any application outage or slowdown with full-stack visibility.


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