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Lateral East-West Movement Analysis

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The Changing Threat Landscape

    The Threat Landscape in this day and age has evolved dramatically from the traditional "grab and dash" as well as mass "spray and pray" exploitation practices to more sophisticated and patient attacks that impact business operations for any enterprise organization like never before.

    The attacker after breaching the north-south traffic perimeter, conducts internal reconnaissance, gains access to the outside world using Command and Control and then executes its objective which could include stealing of valuable data or bringing down a mission critical service in a stealth manner by moving laterally within the Data Center. This makes lateral or east-west traffic monitoring for any Hybrid Enterprise, the most critical area that needs to be monitored.

    Also security teams have limited resources and may not own the right tools that give them the visibility, thus limiting their contribution. This challenges the heavy investement the organization may have already made in the IT infrastructure and security.


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