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SaaS Monitoring

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Monitoring SaaS Applications

    The ease of pay-as-you-go pricing and on-demand capacity has been driving SaaS applications for the last few years, with the industry finally reaching a point where a majority of the application software spend is in the cloud as compared to on-premises infrastructure. The success of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like Salesforce is the best example.

    Traditional methods of monitoring applications used by Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions are not ideal or limited in terms of visibility for off-the-shelf applications as well as SaaS applications. The reason being that these applications cannot be instrumented with agents.

    But these SaaS applications do need to be monitored. Just relying on the SaaS vendor to provide you some rudimentary information is also no longer sufficient, especially if the application is business-critical for your organization.

    Also the argument that the application performance must be owned by the application vendor as it runs on the vendor's infrastructure does not apply in this day and age. It is the organization's IT team that is ultimately responsible for the SaaS application performance. They must ensure that the current environment works seamlessly to support the SaaS application and any dependencies that exist.

    Uila provides visibility into the entire service delivery chain for your business-critical SaaS applications, providing deep insight into full-stack performance and correlates application outages or performance with the Infrastructure.

Agentless & Seamless Discovery for over 3,700 applications including leading SaaS and CRM applications

  • Application auto-discovery for over 3,700 applications with deep packet inspection, including SaaS and CRM applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, Office, Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

  • Review Application Response times, Transaction volume and Traffic volume for each individual application without interfering with their existing processes and services.

  • Automated DPI to classify previously unknown traffic using embedded machine-learning algorithms.

  • IT teams can identify blind spots in the infrastructure, and eliminate finger pointing between infrastructure and application teams with automated root cause and forensics.

Correlate Application & Infrastructure Performance

  • Automatically correlate any Application Performance issues with underlying network, storage and compute performance to get to root-cause.

  • Isolate Application Performance issues by monitoring Application Response Time (ART) for any multi-tiered application.

  • Keep your teams focussed on improving the Application Performance, instead of costly and stressful war-room conversations.

Map Dependencies for your Entire IT portfolio including on-premise, Cloud and SaaS

  • Automated visualization of all virtual, physical and cloud assets and their interdependencies at the application level without the installation of any agents.

  • Direct DPI-based classification for over 3,600 applications (web, database, SaaS, healthcare, financial, etc.).

  • Automatically generated and updated in real-time for all applications.

  • Create and customize multi-tier application groups based on your requirements.

Troubleshoot SaaS application issues at High Velocity with Root-Cause Analysis

  • Monitor application performance and perform rapid root-cause analysis and reduce MTTR from days to minutes.

  • Utilize continuous Machine Learning (ML) & Behavior Learning algorithms to identify anomalies from performance baselines instead of manual guesstimates, to provide unprecedented level of accuracy.

  • Identify if Saas issues are due to the Infrastructure resources, Virtual or Physical Network, Application transaction issues, Authorization & Authentication issues, etc.

  • Real-time or time travel in the past to detect and solve intermittent issues.


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