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Threat Detection and Analysis

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Proactively Detect Advanced Malicious Threats in Real-Time for Data Center and Cloud Workloads

  • Real-time Detection for thousands of Advanced and Persistent threats including Malware, Exploit Kits, Webshells, Port Scans, SMB Probes, Information Leakages, Obfuscation, OS fingerprinting, and many more. :

  • Latest threat rules support and updates from the largest group dedicated to advances in the network security industry.

  • Insights into historical context of the origins of threats, even across cloud boundaries.

  • Unique insights into Dependencies and Infrastructure associated with threat.

  • Rich Threat Intelligence with detailed Information on impact, systems affected, CVE information, corrective actions, etc.

Automate SecOps with Intelligent Remediations

  • AIOps to streamline any cyber threat and vulnerability troubleshooting and reduce MTTR with remediation actions across the infrastructure. Intelligent Alert-based triggers and Manual triggers provide complete control in proactively preventing issues as well as streamlining problem resolution.

  • Increase Security IT team efficiency and agility by automating repetitive tasks and focusings on issues that matter by reducing alert noise.

  • Based on Uila’s full-stack ML-based Root-cause analysis that rapidly isolates issues. Actions include Power off VMs, Suspend VMs, Reset VMs, Power On VMs, logging off VDI users, Updating VMware tools, Restart Guest OS, Kill a process running on a VDI desktop, etc.

Deep Insights into Current as well as Potential Compromised Assets

  • Monitor Dependencies, Process and Infrastructure (CPU cores, CPU capacity, Memory, Network Traffic) for Compromised systems.

  • Insights into future compromized assets with unique Dependency Mapping visibility.

Manage Unauthorized Data Exfiltration

  • Reduce Risk associated with outbound connections with immediate visibility into Traffic Exfiltration from your deployment to unauthorized or malicious locations.

  • Visualize Outbound traffic details on a world map including Internal VM details, Destination IP, Destination Server location, Application/Service for the outbound traffic, etc.

  • Conclusive chain of evidence with Application Transaction information.

Conclusive Chain of Evidence for any Threat

  • Detailed forensic reconstruction to assist security defenders to determine when and how delivery of the cyber threat began.

  • Detailed transaction analysis at the application level to analyze time of day for the entire Hybrid environment of when cyber attack began.

  • Packet Capture for forensic evidence.


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