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Monitor and Troubleshoot Virtual Desktop

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Uila’s Application-Centric Performance & Cyber Threat Analytics solution helps align business and IT Operations/Cloud IT goals in a single product by providing Desktop teams with the application visibility and correlated network, compute, storage and cloud resource insights to solve any Virtual Desktop complaints.

For VMware Horizon® versions 6 or higher, Uila automatically generates the Application Dependency Map which can display the different tiers of the entire VDI environment, including thin clients, VDI desktops, as well as critical infrastructure components such as the Connection server, Domain Controller, etc.

Uila also leverages Continuous Machine Learning (ML) to identify VDI anomalies from performance baselines to head off problems at the pass, and eliminate finger pointing between infrastructure and application teams with automated root cause and forensics. It also provides resource right-sizing guidance, so you are just not throwing money at every complaint.

All of this WITHOUT ANY AGENTS!!! 

This Fully Functional trial software (SaaS/Cloud deployment) allows Desktop teams to experience the power of its VDI Monitoring & Analytics capabilities for 30 days.

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1)Uila Product Deployment through webex, 2) Configuration Customization, 3)Training with Uila SME
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