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Expensive Disaster Recovery? Change that now.

March 05, 2018

Backup. Disaster recovery. Business continuance. All fancy words for what ultimately boils down to “your business still being able to operate as if nothing happened.”

The ultimate goal of disaster recovery (DR) is for business to continue as usual, transparently to the end users. There are various tiers of DR that are common knowledge throughout the industry: Local, Regional, National, Global. Barring the worldwide zombie apocalypse, we can mostly rule out Global, because at that point we’ll all be characters on The Walking Dead, growing farms and living within the walls of prisons for security. But if we take a deeper look into Local, Regional, and National disasters, we can begin to find some common threads.

Awareness & Dependency

One of the biggest failures most experience when testing and executing their DR plans is a lack of understanding of dependencies, from the smallest microservices at the top of the stack, to the bottom of the server stack and everything in between. 

Our recently published Gorilla Guide provided an in-depth look at application dependency being a key differentiator in our DR solution. Uila takes dependency awareness to another level by zooming out and providing real-time analysis and data collection, mapping your entire application stack to the middleware and underlying server, storage, and networking infrastructure. This ensures you have a complete and holistic view of everything you would need to bring online off-site, should an unplanned outage or disaster occur.

Expensive Disaster Recovery avoided with ADM

In the image above, we have a web app mapped in real-time to WebLogic middleware and a series of production and test/dev databases and various services on the backend. All of these are requirements (or “dependencies”) for the application to perform properly. 

We keep track of this inventory, and report on it, so that you can plan your DR and eliminate data loss with a guarantee to bring all the business-critical applications back to life and work as efficiently as they did prior to the outage.

Disaster Recovery with UILA

Uila’s solution provides a complete view of workload and infrastructure dependencies for your datacenter at all times, with auto-discovery support for over 3000 applications and agentless communication. This empowers you with guaranteed identification and availability of the required business-critical application dependencies, such as VMs, network, and storage. We use deep packet inspection to identify issues that allow you to proactively cutover in the event of a failure. 

With Uila, you can focus on preventive monitoring and maintenance, instead of reacting after an outage or disaster has already occurred.



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