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Uila introduces proactive "End-user" visibility solution with 1-click root cause analysis

Uila is inviting virtualization managers to present their most challenging end user performance issue for a Uila specialist to diagnose via the new visibility solution.

SANTA CLARA, California, April 4, 2017:  Uila, Inc., a provider of application-aware infrastructure performance monitoring software, announced today the introduction of their proactive end-user experience monitoring solution. It’s the first product to give virtualization managers visibility into end user performance and is complementary to Uila’s full stack visibility across applications, virtual machines, host servers, networking and storage. With the addition of “end user experience monitoring”, IT professionals will now be able to see problems from the end user’s point of view, identify root cause, and proactively fix the problems -- often before users even notice.

For end users, application performance is often unpredictable. Applications slow down or freeze, seemingly without cause, presenting a challenge for IT personnel to analyze issues from the end user perspective. Root cause analysis of end user reported problems is time-consuming and often inconclusive for IT teams. Traditional monitoring solutions can identify problems in a specific part of the infrastructure, but IT operations teams lack visibility as to how these performance issues affect end users.

“Based on initial customer feedback, our new release not only improves data center visibility, but has resulted in significant time and cost savings for IT pros when addressing end user root cause issues - so much so, it has resulted in a 50% or greater return on their investment compared to other, similar solutions,” said Chia-Chee Kuan, Uila CEO. “With these results, we are inviting virtualization and IT operations teams to give it a try at no cost, assisted by a Uila specialist, to identify the root cause of their most challenging unresolved application and infrastructure performance issues.”

Foothill Community Health Center IT Director, ShuChung Chang, said “Uila’s application-aware performance monitoring already lets us identify root cause within the datacenter in minutes. Our IT team has saved countless hours, and we’ve been able to improve performance for our healthcare applications for hundreds of providers, dentists, and clinical assistants.” Chang continued, “With the new end user experience monitoring across our 20 clinics, our healthcare staff are nothing short of surprised when they report an issue and we say, ‘Yes, we saw it a few minutes ago and we’re working on it right now.’ We can even resolve some issues before users notice,” added Chang.

Uila’s new end user experience monitoring capability includes:

  • End user response time tracking. Proactive alerts identify end user experience degradation before the user complains.
  • Response time analysis. Specific impact of client systems, applications, databases, servers, LAN and WAN network links, and storage on end user response time.
  • Site-by-site and client-by-client response time comparison. Singles out end user experience anomalies for problem scope and root cause domain isolation.
  • Seamless user flow to 1-click root cause identification. Intuitive interface lets administrators identify root cause in a single click from the end user experience view.
  • Per client transaction history. Detailed transaction records allow deep dive investigation of issues affecting specific clients.
  • Client and site network flow analysis. Highlights TCP/IP communication characteristics, revealing network path issues as well as networking stack stress at the application server level.

The end user experience monitoring capability is available as part of Uila’s solution today, and has been delivered to existing customers. Virtualization managers can put Uila’s new solution to the test by signing up here for a complimentary root cause diagnosis.

See Uila's blog post about this new release: Introducing end user experience monitoring

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