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Uila enables VDI User Session Analysis for VMware Horizon for Faster Problem Resolution

Sunnyvale, California-(June 2, 2020-PRWeb)- Uila Inc., the Application-centric Performance & Cyber Threat Analytics company for the Hybrid Enterprise, today announced its further commitment to the VDI and EUC space, with integration with VMware® Horizon to get VDI thin-client session information. With this new v3.5 release, VDI and Desktop teams in addition to the already powerful end-to-end, automated and agentless Application Dependency Mapping for Horizon and Citrix VDI, are now empowered with end-user session information for Horizon clients to pin-point bottlenecks down to the VDI thin-client. With this addition, desktop teams can solve the most common complaints that they receive on a daily basis for their VDI deployments including the inability to access business-critical applications, random application crashes, sluggish application experience, login issues and performance challenges only at certain times of the day.

“Improving user experience and in turn business productivity is the top priority for most IT teams, especially during these challenging pandemic times where VDI has become one of the top applications in use, as most workers are working remotely and may continue to do so for months. VDI although very convenient, does bring a lot of challenges as it touches multiple components within the Data Center infrastructure and remote user locations,” said Chia-chee Kuan, Founder and CEO for Uila.  “Managing and troubleshooting at both ends, the end-user client and the Data Center hold equal importance. With Uila’s integration with Horizon, users can now track key user session details and experience metrics in real time and be in the forefront of the inner workings of their deployment for faster problem diagnoses and resolution.”

Uila users can visualize the username, associated virtual desktop VM, session start time, pool or farm information, etc. Also, for the associated virtual Desktop VM, users have full visibility into the associated alarms, conversation, infrastructure resources, applications in use and process level information. With this release, Uila also continues to enhance its automated VDI Application Dependency Mapping capabilities with dynamic mapping of the VDI components to separate tiers automatically, to enable efficient and faster visualization of data.

This new capability is available as part of Uila’s solution today and Desktop teams can put this capability to the test by signing up for a complimentary trial from . 

About Uila

Uila provides Performance and Cyber Threat Analytics in a single pane of glass for the Hybrid Enterprise. With Uila, IT Operations teams can visualize application workload dependencies across cloud platforms, rightsize resources and investments for their workloads and plan workload migration strategies for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployments. Uila allows security teams to combat advanced cyber threats by providing immediate and comprehensive application-centric insight into lateral movement-based threats for the Hybrid Enterprise. Businesses use Uila to align themselves with their IT teams and cut time to resolution from days to minutes, keep their application at peak performance and secure at all times and ensure end-user satisfaction to the fullest across cloud boundaries.

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